Teaser Tuesday

Here is a teaser from my newest WIP (just started Sunday). The working title is Around the Next Curve.
Landon is a hero with a ‘I don’t give a damn anymore’ attitude. BUT he has a motorcycle 🙂

“Running away has never solved anyone’s problems. They catch up with you and take a bigger bite of your ass.” Kari Martin stood with her arms crossed over her stomach. The late autumn wind made the fine strains of her honey brown hair dance. “Besides, Landon, I never took you for a coward.”

If a man had spouted those words, he would have found himself laying on the ground with Landon’s boot kicking out his teeth. Instead, Landon’s swallowed his anger and bit back his reply. Meeting his sister’s accusing steel gray eyes, he drew a deep breath. This entire year had been a roller coaster ride from one pile of shit to another. Each one deeper than the last.
“Kari, I’m taking a road trip. There is nothing here for me so what the f*** would I be running from?” He dropped his duffle on the sidewalk. “Besides, I’d think you’d be excited to have your couch back.”

Kari’s face softened. “I know you’ve been dealt some crap cards but the river has to turn. You can’t leave the game.”
Landon shook his head. “You’re the gambler not me. The road is the only answer for me.” In the last thirteen months, he lost his house to a fire and his business foreclosed on. The only things he had left was the Harley Davidson Night Rod, three pairs of worn jeans, and a dozen tee-shirts. “I need to get my head right.”

Meet Landon Martin. He's my newest hero...

Meet Landon Martin. He’s my newest hero…

So far I’m loving writing about Landon. He isn’t the popular ‘anti-hero’ but he is rough around the edges. What are your favorite hero types?


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