I don’t want to it boring….

A hundred years of paint + a heat gun = GREAT PLOT IDEAS

I had a great weekend with kiddos and hubby. Spent Saturday at some local brew houses. Hubby and son are big craft beer snobs, I eat ice cream 😉 Now it’s time to step into reality. I have writing deadlines and since Mother Nature has decided to let Spring move in there are house projects that need tackling.
This year’s home improvement biggie is repainting the third level hall and doors. Our house is over a hundred years so the wood work has a hundred years of paint on it :>( This means hours of bonding time with a heat gun. Currently, I’m guessing I have about 2,000 hours of one on one time with various heat guns.

My hubby hates the heat gun….hate might be mild – loathes the heat gun is probably a closer description. For the very reasons my hubby hates it, I don’t mind it, well besides the blisters. You can’t listen to the radio or an audio book because the gun is too loud. It’s all about repeating the same action over and over for the entire job.

Now while I suffer from serious shiny object disease, I do find that this is a great time to toss around plot ideas. Something about the annoying buzz of the heat gun, the blisters, and the boring scraping action sets my muse on fire. Maybe she’s scared if she doesn’t start feeding me great ideas we’ll be stuck doing this forever – hahaha.
Have you ever had a boring activity that is somehow relaxing?

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