Tuesday Teaser

Since it’s Earth Day my Tuesday teaser is from Tide of Love…. My hot paranormal that has a serious environmental subplot. I’m also giving away a $5 gift card to Amazon to a someone randomly selected from the comments…

It's an amazing place... we should keep it as such

It’s an amazing place… we should keep it as such

As a mermaid, Aislynn longed for passion without understanding it. One lucky break gives her a chance to live out her dream.
Finley is a no nonsense lawyer who doesn’t want love. He’s not, however, above rolling in the sheets with the hot weirdo who stumbles into his life. Or in the shower. Or outside.
But when Aislynn is targeted in an ancient plot not of her making, Finley will need to decide if he can live without the woman he doesn’t quite understand but can’t seem to get out of his mind.
From a review of Tide of Love ~ a fun mixture of sex, suspense, romance, and save the environment

From a review of Tide of Love ~ a fun mixture of sex, suspense, romance, and save the environment


Aislynn’s role as a negotiator for Neptune’s court had taught her to divide and conquer. Scott wanted her work up an entire professional pitch for saving Camille’s homeland and she needed to get Finley to fall in love with her. The computer hummed as Aislynn clicked her way from website to website. The one complication was she had no idea how much longer the water spirit or Neptune would allow her to remain human so both things needed to happen as soon as possible.
For the campaign to save Camille’s homeland Aislynn knew she would need to prove how doing so would improve profits. While the movement to become more environmental aware was gaining support, the bottom dollar still ruled. She outlined two of her strongest ideas and requested back-up material from several organizations.
Excitedly, she switched over to finding ways to make Finley fall in love with her. She read several articles describing love, how to know if a man loves you, and twenty foolproof ways to make a man fall helplessly in love with you.
Most of the information seemed to contradict each other. Some said physical contact early in the relationship was great, let him know that you’re his sexual fantasy where others said to wait build the desire. There was no way she was going to stop having sex with Finley, so she’d go with the sexual fantasy advice.
After an hour, her head throbbed and she decided it would be easier to make a group of dollar chanting developers leave a frog pond intact than have Finley fall in love with her. Looking at her notes, she typed up a list of things to help her win Finley’s heart. Some of them were achieved with no effort, like being different. Easy, she was sure she was the only mermaid he’d ever dated. Since she’d decided to sex would remain a part of their relationship she starred the becoming the answer to his sexual fantasy as a high priority.
There was no question making him a treat would be something she’d have to do. He loved Camille’s cooking and ranted all the time about it. Tomorrow morning before meeting with Scott, she’d asked Camille for some easy recipes. The memory of her standing in his kitchen with smoke bellowing out of the pan still made her cringe.
For now, she’d start with numbers three and eight. Optimize her appearance and surprise him with a lunchtime blowjob.

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