Monday Maddness

Back at the evil day job… I’d been gone for almost 9 months and it doesn’t seem like a blink. Funny how things don’t change in areas. The politics are still in full swing coating everything in a thick blanket of negativity.
While the day job is toxic the writing is chugging along. I write more when I work, it’s my escape from the ‘day job ick.’ I’ve blogged before about how I struggle to make word counts when I write full-time but throw in leeching job and wham I write like a fiend.

The regular schedule writing (my cupid series) has been interrupted ….

I started a new story this weekend– not in the que :/ My shiny object disease is one of those never changing things o_0
The new WIP – The Call of the Wild (working title) is for the Fated Desires  Publishing call – The Set Up
My hero – Jeremy Hanks….

Jeremny Halster

baby bison

Harv is an orphan wood bison calf

Runs animal reserve in Alaska and this is Harv – a baby wood bison….

My heroine – Emilee Swayer….








There is suspense, animals, and hot sex…. I’m at 5k. My goal is 2k a day (M-F) meaning I should be at the half-way point for the weekend. Then doing the last half over the weekend meaning I’ll get back to the scheduled WIP next Monday… is that a sparkly???? Hahaha


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