Monday Mayhem

I’ll announce the gift card and swag winners tomorrow. I have a lingering question for the hop organizer. And if you were part of the hop – thanks!!!!!
The evil day job is chugging right along. Last week was crazy so not a lot writing :/ but this is a short week and I planned better. Planning is the key and I hate it! There is NOTHING shiny about planning. It’s boring and impossible. How do I know what I want to eat on Tuesday when I’m at the store on Saturday? I have no idea what I will want to wear on Wednesday while I’m ironing on Sunday! People who do know these things sort of creep me out like they are aliens or something ;p
Even though I may not know what I want to eat or wear, I did plan out my blog topics and writing goals. Once again because I’m a pantser, my writing goals aren’t chapter outlines *shudders at the thought* but ‘key story events.’ The goal is to have the set-up story for Fated Desires done before this Friday so I can start a new WIP on my 3 ½ day weekend. And of course, I have to decide what that will be. I’ve table the cupid series three times this year, I’m a thinkin’ my muse isn’t grooving on writing about three cupids that are in hot water even when one of them looks like this….

The Cupid....

The Cupid….

I also have the Kringle series that needs to finished this year. That’s six books in six months, I guess the rest of my 2014 will be a book in a month….
I have to decide which one TODAY! I need to start working the character profiles (by this I mean names and gathering pic – no five or six page interviews here). As a bribe, I’m offering my muse a doughnut 🙂
Bribing my muse to pick either the cupid series or the Kringle series....

Bribing my muse to pick either the cupid series or the Kringle series….

So what are your plans for the week leading to Summer’s kick-off weekend? Besides writing and the evil day job, I really would like to have Spring and Summer over to my house, share a little vodka and try to understand why they haven’t throat punched Mother Nature so she will let it warm up (34 degrees this morning folks!!!!)


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