It’s Been Awhile…

Once again my blog has been neglected. :/ I wish I could say I have been consumed with the writing bug but sadly that isn’t the case. I’ve been writing BUT I also returned to the day job at the end of April. Even though I swore I wouldn’t let it consume all my time, I knew it would and it has.

I’ve mentioned oh say a thousand times or so that I suffer from shiny object disease. As such this leads to a neglected blog. I’m the first to admit there isn’t anything exciting over here. I don’t have a glam life – or a glam anything. Sooooo what do I blog about that makes it worth your time and mine? I’ve tried different scheduled themes and that seems to work okay but I feel trapped and bored as the writer and reader.

Which brings me to my next question why blog? It was suggested – highly suggested sort of like a parent telling me if I wanted to go to the prom, I needed to clean my room – by a publisher that I start as a way for readers to connect with me. I didn’t go to the prom and I’m struggling with blogging.

But I’m going to give it another shot. I need to install some ‘shiny’ objects to keep my interest and those of my readers. Sooooo stay tune and be prepared to be blinded 😉

shiny 2


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