Feeding my Muse

ohplacesI have ‘visited’ the Amazon, the desert, traveled back in time, and been to Atlantis… all in while wearing my writer’s hat. The wonderful thing about writer traveling is:

1) No bugs (unless I want there to be)

2) Nature dances to my commands – *evil laugh*

3) The food has no calories

4) No packing or carry on trauma

5) Romance is always in the air 🙂

Writer traveling is all umbrella drinks and endless sex…. I must write the setting well enough that the reader is sitting beside me sipping a drink of their choice. How can I do that without actually visiting the places or the year (for the historical)??

I hate the word research *shudders*. My mind instantly forms pictures of dusty encyclopedias. Instead I feed my muse (now no one who follows my on twitter or is my friend on Facebook should be surprised that my writing process includes some food).

Alice took a trip down the rabbit hole . Me I prefer staying above ground :0) So where do these lead????

Alice took a trip down the rabbit hole . Me I prefer staying above ground :0) So where do these lead????

This is done several different ways. Magazines. Vacation flyers. And I often transfer my own small corner of the world into someplace else (have you ever noticed witch and writer both start with ‘w’ and magic and muse start with ‘m’??? Yes, this was discovered during one of my shiny object moments).

I just finished a story sit in Alaska on a wood bison reserve. I knew that was where I wanted this story so I began to feed my muse by collecting pictures of Alaska. Because I’m a pantser, it often takes until my read through for my muse to be full or I have enough setting details to sprinkle throughout the story guaranteeing the reader will shiver with the cold Alaska breeze and wrinkle her nose at the smell of the wood bison.

What are some of your favorite settings as a reader? City? Country? Winter? Spring?


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