Thirsty Thursday

Welcome 2015

While I’m not superstition by nature, 2014 sucked beyond belief so I decided that I’d go back to my ‘roots’ and do a New Year’s day ‘good luck’ meal.

We are having black eye peas for health and prosperity. Stewed pork chops for love and prosperity. Greens with bacon for prosperity and good luck. Corn bread for prosperity. And of course a cocktail – a pomegranate martini because well life isn’t complete with a good luck martini 🙂

Besides a great meal and an awesome drink, I did do a few other things to ensure 2015 would be a better year. First, and the most painful, I analyzed why 2014 sucked troll toes covered with ghoul snot. While life did throw me a few curve balls but then that’s expected it was nothing to validate the year. Nope, the blame fell square in my lap. I let negativity move in and takeover.

Second, I had to decide how to not let 2015 mirror 2014. Once negativity has taken root it’s often hard to remove it. It’s not as simple as saying ‘the glass is half full damn it!’
For Motivation Monday’s I’ll be looking at ways to stay positive and kick negativities ass. If you have arm wrestled negativity and slammed it, I’d love to hear your technique.

But on to the star of Thirsty Thursday – Pomegranate martini. Pomegranates are considered good luck in Turkey because of their red blood like color denotes life and their abundant round seeds represent prosperity. After last year, I’ll good luck and prosperity in any country I can get it.

photo 1 (2)If you’d like to try a pomegranate martini, here’s what you need….
2 parts pomegranate juice
½ part orange flavored vodka
½ part whip cream flavored vodka
Juice of an orange. Orange slice for each drink.

Enjoy 🙂


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