It’s a wrap – Friday

DSCN1266Well since I only have one day with my new ‘goals’ not much to wrap up but I did complete everything on yesterday’s list – woo hoo.

Over the weekend I plan on coming up with my January reading list. In 2013, I assigned each month a ‘theme’ and then read 5 books from that genre. Last year, I just chose from my favorite authors or covers that grabbed me. I ended up reading less and wasn’t pleased with my end results. So I’m back to assigning – this month is ‘new beginnings’ – yeah, I know extremely original :-p

On the home front, I need to do some serious decluttering this weekend in the downstairs closets. Also, one of my 2015 goals is to go back to a rotating menu system. The last time I used this I still had kiddos at home so I need to update them. This weekend, I’m going to make the first set of five weeks (all total I have 3 sets of 5 weeks groups).

And of course writing, I’m loving my new WIP so the words are flowing easily.
What do you have planned for the weekend?


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