Is It a Time Thing or a Me Thing?

2015 is rolling on and I must say already it is better than 2014 – far better which was the goal. There are 3 key reasons…

(1) removing the negativity
(2) striving to make writing a habit
(3) improving my “me management”.

I realized I don’t have a problem with time management. My problem is with “me management.” And I here to say time management is easy, “me management” not so much.

Sometimes you have to climb fences and ice mountains to get to the calm waters...

Sometimes you have to climb fences and ice mountains to get to the sunny calm waters…

What is the difference?

Time management is putting all of your appointments and writing blocks on your calendar. See as easy as eating a doughnut.

“Me management” on the other hand is the part where you actually write during those blocks. Getting myself to actually get words on the page is “me management,” not time management. I have no problem blocking the time – just actually doing it.

It’s easy to blame ‘life’ on my lack “me management.” I mean after all we need clean socks. The dust bunnies need evicting before they become jack rabbits. The list goes on. While I do have laundry, dust bunny eviction, and other household things on my schedule, I ‘feel’ bad if I’m writing and every pair of my husband’s socks aren’t clean. Okay not really but when the characters aren’t doing what I want, the muse is giving me the silence treatment, or I just don’t want to write, these are great excuses or aka lack of “me management.”

Now from time to time, life really does throat punch my schedule and there truly is no time write BUT not as often as I like to claim.

So what about you do you have a time management problem or a “me management” problem or either?


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