Read – it Tuesday

Last week I started a series on Read it Tuesday about why a writer HAS to read…

Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

The first reason was to be inspired. Few things can inspire me like a well written book or a poorly written book.

But if for no other reason, you should read to improve your craft. Nowhere else can you analyze character development, plot, and theme than in a book. You see the characters in movies but in a book the author has to create them.

If nothing else you should ask how does the author paint his/her characters?
As a writer, you should break down the books you read. I do this while I’m reading the book and then ‘ponder’ the entire book afterward doing something else (for me it’s while on the evil exercise trail).

While I’m reading I take ‘notes’ of unique ways did the author introduce traits and plants details that add layers the characters. When are the subplot introduced and do they always involve new characters?

Then afterwards I ‘mull’ over the entire book. Did the characters stay true? Were any plot strings left dangling? Did the characters, the plot, and theme all work together? Or were they in constant battle one have to bend or twist to fit?
I’d love to hear some of the things you’ve learned while reading.

Thanks for stopping by and happy writing


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