Writer’s Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago, I started a writing series on using writing prompts blast writer’s block into the next week and to tunnel under a plot block.

The prompts I’m discussing are from a ‘scrap book’ that I put together from newspaper headlines (I have do something with the Sunday paper besides coupon). In the first week I discussed character building.

Today is all about the plot.

WARNING: Don’t spend too much time picking out your prompt. Making any prompt work – the weirder the better 😉 Now for those of us that suffer from shiny object disorder and are like me have taken procrastination to a fine art, the urge to flip through the pages and read each headline at least 2 times will be stronger – stronger than mine for a doughnut. To avoid this, I take several deep breaths and select a number. I open my scrap book to the page and work from there.

Since today is the fourth, I went to page four. It had two headlines pasted on the page and a few pictures….Sometimes, I try to work both in and some of the images but today, I did the second one and decided to choose two images.

The headline ~ Simply put: Brandon had to go.

The images where a set of deep blue eyes framed in thick glitter black eyeliner and a full moon.
Let’s start brainstorming on the headline.

(1) Which character will be Brandon? I select my 3 main characters (hero/heroine/heroine’s best friend).
I write their names on the top of a piece of paper. I almost always do my brain storming on paper.

(2) What does ‘had to go’ mean… die, to the store, or to visit a person he doesn’t want to.
I omit the hero/heroine from the die prompt because I just don’t write that type of story, I love a happy ever after ending. However, I do use it for the heroine’s best friend.

TIP: Don’t just use the first one that pops up, often the best plot twist-plot enhancer- is the fourth or fifth idea. Muses love to hold out, make you work for the golden gem.

(3) Review the pages and see what one my muse likes the best. Now this may lead to some changes in my story prior to this, I make the notes of what I need to change in my OneNote file on the edits page.

Next week will be how to use the random pictures I selected as plot twist.

Happy writing!

Thanks for stopping by.

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