Motivation Monday

As I’ve stated before, one of my major changes in 2015 is to keep negativity out of my life. Now it’s impossible to never encounter negativity BUT you don’t have to let it move it. Negativity is an “energy vampire” that will happily drag you down to the level of despair that even doughnuts can’t pull you of.

One of the key things, I’ve found to keep negativity in it’s cage in the corner is to NOT whin or complain. I mean does whining or complaining about any given situation actually do anyone any good whatsoever?
I’m not talking about constructive criticism, learning from our mistakes, or recognizing pitfalls so that we can avoid them in the future. No, I’m talking about when a situation is already clearly less than desirable, yet you continue to talk about how undesirable it is!

When the office thermostat is broken and it is cold as a deep-freeze in your building, will anything be gained by continuing to repeat the obvious? If your spouse or significant other is being (in your opinion) unreasonable, are you going to gain anything by constantly spouting off about how upset you are about the situation?

Complaining or whining about the situation accomplishes absolutely nothing other than cloaking it in a thick gray fog impossible to penetrate. You can’t write if you have buried your characters in a deep pool of murk.
If something is worth complaining about, then it is also worth taking action on. Stop whining, and start taking action, because if you don’t, all of the whiners and complainers will crowd around you in order to get their negativity fix.

If I find myself complaining about something, I write it down. I refuse to say another word about the situation for a twenty-four hour period. If I’m still ‘twisted’ about it then, I spend the energy and time to brain storm SOLUTIONS.

When I found I was struggling to get my word count in each day in January, I didn’t just complain or whine about as I had in the past. “LIFE KEEPS MY FROM WRITING” no longer works in my world. Yes, there are DAYS this may be true but I keep them to single days… not weeks that roll into months, etc.

I’d love to hear how you keep complaining in its cage. Thanks for stopping by.


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