Writer’s Wednesday

writerI’m a pantser. The thought of planning sets my heart to racing. However, as I start writing various scenes that I’m not ready for yet will pop into my head. Or the ‘prefect’ scene to bridge into a major plot line will form while I’m folding laundry. As much as I’d love to leave the clothes and go to my computer at some point the darn clothes need to be folded…

So I’ve made a place to ‘dump’ this info until I’m ready for it Scene Dump It Till Later worksheet.

Sometimes, I’ll have ten or more of them for a story I’m working on or I could as few as one. One of the benefits of the Scene worksheet is so I can think about whose head I need to be in for what. Some scenes have to be told from the POV of a particular character to give them the maximum impact and effectiveness. Also, when you’re writing in third person with multiple POVs, you can get caught up in one character’s POV and forget that there are other characters who need to take the lead, and end up with eighteen chapters in one character’s POV and two chapters in another.

Just because I have a Scene worksheet filled out that doesn’t mean that I will use it. The story may have turned in an entirely different direction but its there if I need it. Another use for the Scene worksheet is if the storyline stalls, I can read them over to in hopes of sparking new ideas.
If anyone has a form of a ‘dump it’ worksheet, I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by and happy writing!


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