Motivation Monday

A great example of why everyone needs a to-do list

A great example of why everyone needs a to-do list

Part of staying motivated is staying focused (a very hard thing for me – there are so many shiny things that need looking at). The key to staying focused is knowing what comes next. Motivation is thrown to the ditch every time I have to stop and figure what to do know.

So in my quest to stay motivated in 2015, I needed to stay focused – not just on my writing but in all the areas of my life that I marked as key for 2015. So began my long journey through the dark scary forest of organizers/planners. I still have nightmares remembering. *shudders*

I like paper calendars they don’t always work for my ‘to-do’ list. And carrying around a slip of paper with my to-do/goals didn’t work….so began the quest.

I decided I would stick with the paper calendar I was used because in truth it works well for me and why the heck change what works.

So I narrowed my focus to the to-do/goal keeper. I needed something I could keep with me all the time to write notes for my calendar if it wasn’t handy but more importantly to remember what to get at the store, a story idea, or a great deal on something.

Here is an awesome article on the ‘top five to-do managers’ apps. I picked Goggle Keeper. And as much as it goes against the very core of my being to list things, it actually works! I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year and while that’s not forever for me that’s a record.

It has enough shiny things to keep me interested….

(1) I can change the notes colors to reflect what it is – a step in one of my goals, a to-do, a blog idea, a story idea, etc.

(2) I can ‘send’ the note to whatever device I need it. For example if I’m at the crazy day and I have awesome murder idea (usually spurred by a parent or co-worker), I can jot it down on my tablet or phone (I always have my phone with me – it’s a requirement of the job).

(3) The notes are archived and the search is easy. It does a ‘word’ search of content as well as title. So If I want to review all my notes on a certain type of torture death I came up with while at the crazy job, I just type in ‘thumb screws’ and bam I have my 145 notes ;p

(4) It has a photo feature. And for those of you who aren’t my friend on facebook or twitter – I love to take pictures.

I’d love to hear what you do for a to-do/goal keeper. Please share all ideas this is a beginning process for me.

Thanks for stopping by…


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