Monday Motivation

I spent last weekend in Shreveport enjoying the food, my son, sightseeing, and a writer’s conference. Seeing my son was the highlight of the visit and didn’t cause me to gain weight.

I really really enjoyed the food (and the drinks tried a porn star martini and a blue bayou both super yummy). I ate crab cakes, gumbo, crawfish made everyway possible (thanks to the Blind Tiger), shrimp po-boys, the amazing sausage gravy & biscuits served at Strawn’s, bread pudding, pecan pie, and beignets. While this was yumminess beyond belief, I now weigh 5 pounds more :/ so this week will include extra bonding time on the treadmill and murder plotting on the evil exercise trail.

This was my first writer’s conference. And with all new things the bumps in the road ranged from potholes to sink holes. I learned things about my craft and me. I haven’t decided if I want to do another, I’m still in the mulling it over stage. On Writer’s Wednesday I’m going to discuss the things I learned.
I have several writing deadlines looming at the end of this month and I had hoped this conference would give me a surge of motivation….nope. But then if there was a magic motivation disturbed at the conference it would be over run.

One thing I do know from attending the conference is my goals for my writing career are much more in focus. I’ve started by reading 2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron – highly suggested at the conference. I started reading it in the airport, it has a totally different approach to writing than what I currently do but I’m willing to try it on my next project.


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