Head Down Monday

I need to keep my head buried this week...

I need to keep my head buried this week…

Spent last week gliding and looking around so...

Spent last week gliding and looking around so…

Welcome to Black Monday…

Last week was a total bust as far as reaching ANY of my goals – writing, exercising, or financial. The crazy day job – sucked which in turn drains most of my energy so that has some to do with creating the black hole of last week. Writing was hindered because I spent the entire week trying to shift how I write into some of the molds I learned, heard, or read about at the conference. I’m giving it one more week, if I don’t see some word counts this week, it’s back to flying by the seat of my pants because at least I know I can get words out. I spent the entire day Sunday planning *body twitches as the mention of planning* this week’s writing.

As far as the lack of exercising, I’m not really sure what was going on there. I know some of it was just my ‘depression’ from not writing. And money wise, I just some really ‘great’ deals on items that we will use – ie toilet paper, paper towels, etc. – that we didn’t ‘need’ but the savings were too good to pass up.

Since nothing went as planned last week, I intended on sharing different things of the conference. One of the things I thought I’d share is the writing prompt from a journaling workshop by Christa Allen. She gave us a prompt…If I had Known… and we had to write for 10 minutes. This is what I came up with…

If I had known…

Motherhood was so complex

Loving a child could be so devastating

Dreams are a possibility

Diets can allow chocolate

Books are endless escapes

School was oh so important

That love means different things to different people

That once a I hate you is spoken it can’t be taken back

The seeds of doubt grow faster than those of self-confidence

It doesn’t matter what others think

The world isn’t so scary

The monsters will live in the closet until I evict them

Only I can dance with my demons

That it’s okay to wear boots in the summer

That my children wouldn’t grow-up to be serial killers if I didn’t make them pancakes/waffles/eggs every day for breakfast

That coffee rocks with coconut flavored creamer

That some people will judge you regardless of what I do

The path I took was the one I needed to

That saying I love you would be so difficult

That doughnuts solve more problems than vodka

If I had known these things…. I would have never cried.

I don’t journal – or I didn’t – but it is something I started last week. I’m also incorporating it into my writing of my space opera.

So how many of you journal? Is it just personal or do you do it as writing exercises or as part of your planning?


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