Trendy Tuesday

As the weather is changing so do most people wardrobe but not mine – sadly. I want to be one of those ‘trendy’ women with the cute spring outfits but it never seems to work out that way. I wear yoga pants/leggings and flannel shirts. In the winter or colder weather, I wear fleece lined yoga pants/leggings. My tops are your basic run of the mill flannel shirts. Flannel shirts with long underwear tops in the winter or colder weather and tanks in the summer. Now I have been wearing this combo since high school well, because, well, it’s easy.

I would watch What Not to Wear – my favorite episode was about the woman who was wearing a ‘B’ cup bra and needed a ‘G’ >.< How does that happen? Even as under fashioned as I am I think I would notice if my bra is that small… back from the rabbit hole. My main problem with What Not to Wear is I’m not a blazer kind of woman.
I hate blazers on me. I like them on other people but I’ve never found one that is comfortable.

And when I look at fashions in a magazine my eye starts to twitch and drool begins to form. I see things like “sophisticated fringe”, “tame the jungle”, and “avant-garde” and I curl up into a ball. My trusty flannel shirts have no fringe so I don’t have to worry about if it’s sophisticated or uncouth. I have trouble keeping my dust bunnies in line what the heck am I going to do in a jungle? And I really have no idea what to do with avant-garde really means in fashion. *sigh*

So as spring once again comes a calling *wildly waves hi*, I’m faced with the dilemma. Will this be the year I join the trendy world or remain in my cave wearing leggings and a flannel shirt?

Will I remain stuck in my rut...

Will I remain stuck in my rut…

Or will I join the fashionable?

Or will I join the fashionable?


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