Paranormal Love Wednesday

Welcome to my Paranormal Love Wednesday and my 2nd snippet from my paranormal romance – Final Wish – which is currently being self edited for submission 😉

Blurb ~

Joel is an angel of death. He grants people one last wish. He has spent days in Disney, arranged parts on Broadway, filled the airways with a song so a person could hear themselves sing on the radio, made apologies possible, and sat with someone as they confused to a crime. Nothing is new. This time his assignment takes him to the small town of Gritten, Michigan where Amberlee James lives. He’s sure she will wish for some type of big city excitement, with her long legs, he’s betting on a dancer. But the only things Amberlee wants to do is pay her late fine at the video store, make sure her library books are returned, and see that Shifter, her dog, has a home. Joel knows he’s in trouble when the pair of startling green eyes, long blonde curls, and a body of full curves awakens a desire that has been buried deep for centuries.

Amberlee looks into Joel’s dark soulless eyes and sees the pain of eternity. While, she would have loved to live a long life, filled with kids, chocolate chip cookies, and romantic nights by the fire, the fact she can’t even get a date makes that a fantasy. So she decides her last wish is to bring a smile to the rugged hard face of the grim reaper standing in her living room. Armed with a picnic basket and fishing rods, Amberlee is determined to see happiness on the face of death.

Snippet ~

“Amberlee Maria James?”  His face hardened and his voice chilled.  The temperature in the room seemed to drop and Shifter growled from the door.

“Yes,” she whispered.  He’s a serial killer or an insurance salesman which were sort of the same. Just my luck. Why did I invite him in?

“Let me properly introduce myself.  I’m Joel, the Granter of Final Wishes.  And you have one last wish before you die.”

The pale blue room spun as Amberlee grabbed the edge of the counter and sank to her knees.  He is a serial killer. I’m going to die. Amberlee closed her eyes. Why did he have to have such a great ass?

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