Monday Recap

After 10 days off from the crazy day job (Spring Break), it’s time to go back. I tried to sit ‘realistic’ and balanced goals for the break. I did achieve all my household goals of decluttering my office, spare bedroom, and living area closets. I also did the final ‘weeding’ of my clothes for a minimalist wardrobe. Woot Woot. From this ‘decluttering’ exercise I learned I have developed some serious hoarding practices. Since I have no desire for my 10 minutes of fame to be on a hoarders episode, I need to stop.
My writing was something entirely different. I made my word goal which would have concluded my on the run story…the up side – I made my word goal – wait before breaking out the doughnuts. The downside – I had to scrap it. This story never found it’s rhythm but I had sort of ‘ignored’ that because I was trying some new writing practices. In the end, it just sucked. A lot. So I deleted it on Friday and restarted… as in from word 15. 19K gone. Even the events have to be done.
This lesson was the hardest for me. I don’t fit into a plotters cookie cutter. All day at the crazy day job, I tell people to stop trying to get my kids to fit into a cookie cutter. They aren’t cookie cutter kids. They are awesome individuals with their own cookie cutter shapes and personalities. Yet, I want my writing to fit into a cookie cutter. I want the neat notebooks with character details, setting locations, and the secret to eating doughnuts without gaining weight. Well, it’s not going to happen. Ever. Never.
Once I stopped trying to get my characters to fit into a cookie cutter, they rocked! I whipped out 4k on Sunday. I love the story. I love the characters. I have NO detailed sheets telling me where to go. NO subplot and plot outlines. It’s just me, my characters, and doughnuts that will make my hips grow if I don’t do the evil exercise trail. But this is writing for me.

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