Make Time Tuesday

I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, take time to smell the flowers. It’s good advice but the trick is deciding what ‘your’ flowers are. What might be a flower to you is a weed to me. Confused? Most people are by my logic 😛 For example, a flower for my sister-in-law is cleaning. It soothes and relaxes her to dust, vacuum, and mop floors. For me it rates up there with having bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails. I’m also not a big fan of watching movies or television.

Make Time to sail away from life

Make Time to sail away from life

I enjoy reading but for it to be a full bloom flower, I need to at the beach or in my family room in front of the fire. One of my favorite flower activities is crocheting/needle work. I have a personal goal of making a baby blanket a month for Linus project and try to do a second one for the area community groups.
Another flower activity is card making. LOVE IT. I do all my holiday, birthday, and thinking of you cards. Here is a site I participate in their weekly challenge if any of you are fellow card makers.

The thing with my top three flower activities are they are ‘solo’ smelling activities. When I’m working the crazy day job, it’s okay, but when I’m off in the summer and writing all day that is a lot of alone time. Which I don’t mind BUT I tend to become very hermit like. If I don’t make a mindful effort, I’ll even go grocery shopping at 2:17 am just to avoid people ;-p This stresses my hubby and a few of my friends, they worry I’ll retreat to some North Michigan cave and when I’m found I’ll be surrounded by empty doughnut bags, mounds of crocheted baby blankets, and thousands of cards.
I know the key to life is balance. I think my seclusion during the three month summer break is my recouping time for the all the people interaction I have during the crazy day jobs months. I interact with people ALL day… parents, fellow staff, administration, and students (my favorite group by FAR).
What are some of the favorite flowers in your life? Do you try to balance them


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