Sparkle On…

In Love

In Love

The one thing my paranormal, space opera, and suspense books have common is romance. My ‘slogan’ is romance with a bang. So I spend A LOT of my day focused on love. Planting the seed, caring for it, growing it, adding storms that beat it up BUT making sure once the sun comes out it will be stronger than before.
In real life I focus on love – A LOT too. This Saturday was my 33 rd wedding anniversary. In those years we have weathered our share of storms the difference – there wasn’t an author who has to have a happy-ever-after ending to make sure we came out stronger and more in love after wards. I trusted in our love and so far it hasn’t failed me.

In my crazy day job (which starts up in 7 days!!!! Where has the summer gone????), I need oceans of love. Working with emotional impaired and serve autistic kiddos is not for those who don’t have a direct connection to a love well. “Burn-out” in my field is rapid but yet year after year I manage to find the love to do the job. I made my hubby promise that when I became indifferent or jaded, he would step in and demand a career change because one thing these kiddos don’t need is another person without love.
The difference between my writing and the ‘real’ world love? I can’t control the elements – duh. But how are they the same? I can control me/characters. I can decide to look at the bad in the emotional impair kiddos or dig deep for the good. Finding the good is often like trying to see the stars during a massive 4th of July fireworks display. Yet, I always dig.

Love/compassion is a ‘sparkle’ everyone is capable of – in all situations.

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