Sparkle On…

My favorite time...

My favorite time…

This is my final week before returning to the crazy day job…. Where the heck did summer go????
Of course, I didn’t manage all the things on my to-do and goal lists but I did make a mark.
Words Written – 31k on full length space opera
9 k on a young adult fantasy
18k on a story I tabled, the characters just weren’t coming out of hiding
10 k on a free read
Editing – 12k on a submitted suspense/romance
15k on suspense/romance leaving 31k to wrangle through by August >,< most likely I won’t make this goal.

4 batches of crock-pot moonshine brewed (No I haven’t drank them all)

10 days spent enjoying the beach.

Attended one writing ‘thingy’ in Fort Wayne.

My husband switched jobs and this has greatly impacted our home life. I made some serious changes in several relationships in my life – removing toxic people you care about dearly is the pits.

Read 3 books on writing.

Read 15 books for pleasure.

Enjoyed countless glasses of wine and ice coffee on my porch 

That’s my summer… how is your stacking up?


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