2016 – Reading through the ABC’s

Each month my goal is to focus on two letters of the alphabet. And have at least one new author (noted in bold).

January – A/B

Cherry Adair – Rip Tide – Always a favorite J author.

Cat Adams – Blood Song I loved the world building. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of relationships – it’s the romance writer in me. I’m looking forward to picking up the next book in the series.

Anna Bishop – Written In Red and Murder of the crows (the Others series) – this is her young adult series. I LOVE IT! I’ve read everything Bishop has written. And while far different than her adult books, I enjoyed every page.

Nevada Barr – A Superior Death. This takes place in my back yard…

Suzanne Brockmann – Born to Darkness – First book I read in this series.

Terry Bolryder – Bear to the Bone – Yet another great series to add to my list.


February C/D

Jennifer Crusie/Bob Mayer – Wild Ride

Cleo Coyle – A brew to Kill

Richard Castle – Frozen Heat

Patricia Cornwell – The Scarpetta Factor

Joseph Delaney – The Last Apprentice – Wrath of the BloodEye ( I started this series after watching the movie The Seventh Son. I’ve never read a book that differed so completely from a movie. Sadly, I liked the movie far more than the books. But once I start a series I feel compelled to read it to the end. This is one of the few – and I mean few – things I have OCD about.)

Diane Mott Davidson – The Whole Enchilada – tried the Not-so-skinny spinach dip recipe in the back of the book – oh my. So good but I could feel my thighs growing with every bit.

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