My new obsession (which isn’t that new)

My newest obsession which is really a spin-off of an old obsession – time management – is decorating my planner. For….y…e…a…r…s, I’ve struggled to find the ideal planner. I have purchased enough planners throughout the years, that I think I have broken some laws and yet nothing seemed to work. Or last. I would soon grow bored with them. I’d spot a newer shiner version and wham, I’d be transferring ALL my data over. Then a couple of months later, I’d spy one that I thought I’d like better. That would fit my life better. I was like a gerbil in a wheel chasing the prefect chocolate cake doughnut…

THEN….came 2016. My focus of the year is to ‘reinvent’ myself. For the last couple of years I have been trying to force myself into a cookie cutter. It’s not worked well for me. As a part of me being me, I looked at what ((I)) wanted in a planner… not what others did.

I don’t need a planner with hourly blocks, my day just doesn’t flow like that. My crazy day job is…well…crazy. What I need is a place to track daily writing goals, weekly deadlines, and commitments. A place to log appointments. And somewhere to track to bills, spending, and other boring life details. I needed a planner that was shiny – all the  time.

Here is what I came up with 🙂 Every Sunday, I decorate the week with a theme that varies. On the pages themselves write the books I plan on reading that week (this helps me stay focus and not waste time drooling on the my stack of TBR). Set goals. Put in appointments. List journal topics.

blog 3

This week


Last week it was all about life


Another example



I have found that by combining the ‘boring’ this is what I need to do with the creative part of my brain I’m three months in and I’m still loving it. While I know this won’t work for everyone, actually it probably won’t work for anyone but me. But isn’t that the point of a planner – it works for YOU.

So what makes your planner prefect for YOU?

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