Misspelled words….


The top five words I struggle with that are super easy…

Tomorrow (I always want to spell it Tommorrow –  you just can’t have too many double letters.)

Thursday (I truly feel that the r should come before the u.)

Surveillance – there are just too many vowels.

Penguin – the only bird I like – birds don’t blink so they creep me out but I like penguins and given the fact we had 3 inches of snow on April 10, I’m thinking I could have penguins playing in my backyard so it’s a shame I can’t spell penguin.

Foreign – the g… I keep forgetting where to put it…and ei or ie thing

So those are my top 5 misspelled words for #listifylife… but in truth I’m a horrible speller and rely on auto correct WAY.TOO. MUCH. And this can lead to problems of its own. I’m sure you’ve all read the funny post on autocorrect changing a word resulting in an entirely different meaning… here’s mine…

The PTO president was recruiting volunteers among the school staff for the school carnival. I volunteered for the ‘dick’ pond… Oh. My. This led to days of teasing. My coworkers felt they needed to help learn the difference between a duck and a dick. I received pictures of ducks and ‘dicks’. Someone sent be a rubber yellow ducky and a dick – each labeled. For weeks, I received these types of things, my co-workers can be oh so helpful.

I’d love to hear of any mishaps you’ve had with a typo or autocorrect


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