Scents that conjure up memories

Here’s this week’s #listifylife – 10 scents that bring back memories. They aren’t in any ‘special’ order just as I thought of them. This was a fun list to do. It made me smile and really think – or stop to smell the roses (okay it’s late and I’m sleep deprived so my sense of humor is straying to the very corny).

Cinnamon rolls – grandma. My grandma use to make crazy good cinnamon rolls/cinnamon bread. To this day I haven’t eaten one as good. And it’s not just the smell of these that make me think of my grandma but every time I see one I smile.

Cherry pie – Aunt T. She had three cherry trees in her backyard. Which not only provided cherry pie, cherry cobbler, and cherry jam but a place to play and trees to climb. It was always a good time.

Sawdust – my dad. His second job was to clear trees.

Warm flannel – a cabin me & my husband went. One winter about ten years ago, my hubby and I went away for a weekend. Spent it relaxing in front of a fire wrapped in flannel blankets.

Camp fires – weekend’s camping with my kids.

Pizza – my first date with my husband.

Chocolate – My best friend. She ALWAYS has chocolate. She’s the best friend in the world.

Lilacs – playing in as a child. My grandma had this sprawling lilac bush that as kids we would drag out dolls, blankets, and other stuffed animals into and play for hours.

Pancakes – breakfast in bed. The first breakfast I ever had in bed was made by my son. He made me pancakes.

Doughnuts – life is good. And you know that NO list of mine would be complete without doughnuts. 🙂

Most of my smells are food. No surprise there for me. Food is a major player in my life. What are some of your key scent/memories? Are they mostly food?



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