Music makes the world go around


The songs I never get tired of….

This week’s listifylife is songs I never get tired of. Music is a key element to my life.  Not because I can play anything besides Iheart Radio, but because I have it on all the time.  I’m also not a one type of music girl…which should come as no surprise for those who know me. My shiny object disorder wiggles its way into very area of my life.

At the crazy day job, I listen to Disney children’s channel or calming sounds (rain storms, waves, etc.), or Flo Rida, it all depends on the day and the level of craziness.

When I write, I usually create a playlist on youtube for the book. These are songs that remind me of the characters, the setting, or theme. I find that I can shift gears from the ‘real’ world of dust bunnies and laundry mountains to the one in my head of murder and hot sex much faster with a playlist.

I like hit nation when I’m evicting dust bunnies, mopping floors, and taking care of the laundry.

But if I had to make a top Lyncee list here it would be… (note: These are my favorite artist except Amy Winehouse and I basically love all their music.)

Born to Die by Lana Del Ray

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Lie to Me by Jonny Lang

You know I’m no Good by Amy Winehouse

Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepard

This is how a Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas

No matter the day, you must likely find these voices rocking my house or office.

Do you listen to a wide variety of music or do you have one style you stick with? What are your favorite songs?


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