#Listifylife Monday

This week’s listifylife topic is … What do I splurge on/indulge in?

I really only have one that I consider a splurge item (drum roll because I know everyone is holding their breath in anticipation)…

#1 – books. I consider books a splurge item because I could easily get all my reading material from the library but also because it represents me time. Time I could be dusting, vacuuming, doing the laundry, or cleaning out a closet. My favorite two reading spots…

Other items that I indulge myself in or buy on a ‘whim’ (not in any order)

#2 – card making supplies – I have enough stickers and supplies to last a life time. Of course, I also use these supplies for writing boards, my daily planner, and scrapbook pages.


A card I made for a friend who loves butterflies. I included a package of seeds for a butterfly garden flowers

#3 – yarn. My goal is make a one baby blanket a month for the Linus Project.

stuff 002

This months blanket…

#4 – lotions/body wash. There is no doubt that a cheap bottle of lotion and body wash from Walmart will clean my body and moisturize it. I really really really (like almost to an addiction level) bath and body works.

#5 – candles – I have them for seasons, for holidays, for their name (Margaretville and blackberry martini for example). I have them in every room of them house.

So do you consider splurges and indulgences different? What are some of your favorites?

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