Favorite Shopping Places

This week’s Listify Life for summer is my favorite places to shop. First, I’m not a big shopper. I’m not one of those people who enjoy wandering aimless around a store waiting for something to catch my eye. I know this is a shocker! With my shiny object disorder, you would think this would be an excellent activity for me. Bouncing from shiny object to object. But not so much.

I do however have a few stores that I can spend close to loitering amounts of time in. My top three for don’t enter unless I can be MIA for at least two hours are…

Kickin’ Kitchen – is a locally owned one of a kind kitchen store. There are rows of seasoning. Fun kitchen gadgets like this guy. Gourmet foods. The list goes on it’s just the place a foodie like me loves.

The local Barnes and Nobles. Not a lot more to say here but stacks and stacks of shiny books.

Dollar General. This is my favorite ‘dollar’ store that isn’t really a ‘dollar’ store. They have cute journals I like to use for my writing projects. They have things for my office at the crazy day job and writing office. They have good prices on some food items. It’s a place I’m bound to lose at least an hour in once I enter.

My next favorite place to shop, isn’t so much a time drain as it is a money drain.

Bath and Body Works. There has been talk in my family that I maybe a lotion addict. I deny this whole heartedly. My two bottles a month habit just means I’m concern about skin not addicted (eye rolling). I also change scents for the seasons/holidays/I-like-it. Currently, my scent of choice is Love and Sun but I’ll be changing it after the fourth to something fruity.

Amazon – you just can’t beat their deals.

My last two favorite places to shop are also local shops….

Lakeside Emporium – a candy shop on steroids. They have nostalgic candy, fudge, homemade ice cream, homemade gummies, homemade seafoam, homemade turtles. This store is about 10 blocks from my house. If anyone needs proof, I do have some self-control. This store is it. I do NOT visit here daily or even weekly, although I would like to. I save this for ‘special’ treat moments.

HodgePodge Bakehouse
while Lakeside Emporium is proof of self-control, Hodge Podge Bakery is the contradiction to it. But they have things like this….
dount #1</>


dounut #2

So these are my favorite places to shop. What’s your list?

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