Mindset Monday

It’s a day…

Extreme heat warnings for three ((3)) days!!! I have bad asthma so this means three days in my bedroom (the only airconditioned room). One would think I’d get a lot of writing done… NOPE. I don’t have a television in my bedroom so then I must had done a lot reading right??? Five pages.

So what does one do in a bedroom for three days? Play on the internet. Try to win the airship race on Cookie Jam. Think about writing… decide there isn’t enough oxygen in my lungs, so I should play some more Cookie Jam.

Finally, I realized that I needed to stop letting my inability to breath keep me doing what needed to be done.

In reality we all have excuses/reasons we can’t do something. Some are real like my asthma while others are not so much like I really need a bacon doughnut.  Although, most days the need for a bacon doughnut outweighs my lack of oxygen.

It’s hard to work when you don’t feel good, can’t breathe, don’t have a doughnut or the world is being difficult. And writing is work. I have to write regardless just like I’d have to do any other job. People (especially my family) like to think that writing a book is a 3 hour deal. Then I should be able to make them dinner.

Like with most jobs, unless you do it then you don’t understand it – I mean truly understand it. And because I do have to work regardless, I’m so thankful it’s something I like.

And just like the weather, I have a hot July coming up…

A cover reveal for this ….

A Mermaids Wish7 (1)

The 3rd book in my young adult fantasy – here are the first two.

My full length Red Riding Hood, PI – tween will be released. Here is the free novella



So no time to play Cookie Jam…it’s bonding with the key board!

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