#MFRWHooks…Taking a leap… off a short cliff

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This week has been super exciting for me, I’m doing a cover reveal give away click here for details and a chance to win.

This week I’m sharing from in my soon to be released paranormal – The Shifter’s Queen, book 1 in the Blue Star Legacy.

ShiftersQueen-LShillard (1)

Love this!!!

Horror filled him as her intention registered. He cursed, as he rushed to close the distance between them. Quetin had been clear, Emma needed to be alive. 

His stomach rolled as he watched the leopard glided through the air and fall from sight. He stood on the overhang, looking down at the dark pool of water. The moss was spongy under the pads of his paws as he waited for her broken body to surface. But the pond’s surface remained smooth.

Jackson snarled and flicked his tail as he considered jumping in after her. Impatiently, he paced along the outcropping, trying to locate a path down. He lifted his nose to sniff the air for her scent. When he could locate neither a path nor her smell, the growl changed to curses as Jackson shifted back to human form. 

“Son-of-a-bitch.” He ran both hands through his cropped hair. Again, he surveyed the surface of the pool. In the star light, Jackson’s reflection stared back at him, taunting him, mocking him for his failure.

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