Mindset Monday

It’s my anniversary week…. 35 years with the same man.  It’s a serious  commitment to make that many years. Times have been hard, near impossible and times have been good but mostly times have been just life. Not everyday can be amazing. And I’ve met several people who say their marriage/relationship ended because the romance was gone.

Well sweetie let me tell you something. There is NO romance in doing dishes when you are six months pregnant your feet are the size of footballs because you have toxicemiy, you’ve lost 12 pounds in the last month because you are puking non-stop. BUT there is commitment. Not just to each other but to the relationship it’s self.

It is this type of commitment that is needed if you are truly going to achieve your dreams. Dreams aren’t always calorie free doughnuts and endless vodka. They require commitment. ALL. THE. TIME.

As I am regrouping from a publishers closing, a family earthquake, and redefining our household structure, I need commitment. If I don’t have the same commitment to my dream that I have to marriage it would succeed.

Cool planners

Awesome vision boards

Goal worksheets

Are all tools to make the commitment easier, more focused but they will not accomplish the dream.


I’m also looking for idea for a fun different way to celebrate our anniversary. Any suggestions???

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