It was written – #MFRWauthor


Welcome to week 5 of the 52 week blog challenge… and this is topic is AMAZING!!! How can books influence your daily life?

How can they not πŸ™‚


One way is by providing an escape for life. Nothing is more relaxing for after a stressful day than curling up with a book. I prefer fiction but that’s the great thing about books – there all kinds. Sort of like doughnuts πŸ˜‰


Another is they can be inspiring. Read about a Holocaust survivor. Or about someone who won the battle against mental illness. Again the choice is endless.

Are you looking to ‘improve’ the already amazing you? There’s a book. My current favorite ….


Want to learn how to do something? Yup, there’s a book.

But what if you don’t read? GASP!!!!

There are audio books. So let some greatness into your daily life…read or listen to a book.

Do you have favorite book type? While I do enjoy cookbooks, self-help books, and true crime. My ‘go-to’ are fiction. Ones that whisk me away. That feed my soul and imagination.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week. Make sure to check out the other challenges


3 comments on “It was written – #MFRWauthor

  1. I agree. there is nothing like escaping in a book at night. I prefer a good romance, whether it be sweet, sexy, a suspense or paranormal I like the escapism. I love a good cookbook too.

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