Tequila, please

While this scene won’t be in the book…I thought I’d share it because the song is on the playlist. Tequila is by Dan + Shay (the link to the you-tube video is at the end of the post)

lastsong of the siren

Tobia dropped the kick-stand of the Suzuki GSX R750. The sun had just started its descent. Her stomach rolled. The thought of what she had to do filled her with disgust. But she was a siren. Seducing men to their death was sort of what her kind did.

tobia's bike.jpg

Tobia’s bike

She walked into the room scanning the room for her target. He was bent over a pool table.  Worn jeans hugging his ass which if hadn’t belonged to a mer, she’d be admiring. Mother had wanted the blood from a high ranking mer for her experiments. She blamed their continued failure on the fact they were using weak mers. If they could get one of Poseidon’s high-ranking enforcers, then they would be able to break the curse and return to the sea. And if the rumors were true, there was no enforcer better than the one whose ass she was staring at.

Since she was one of the few who still had full siren powers it was decided she’d be the one to go. She walked over to the bar. Her skin prickled from the heat of the human men hungry gaze. Let them try. She didn’t usually didn’t even have to consider trouble. No one was brave enough to challenge one of the Daughters of Chaos. Tonight, she wore nothing that would mark her as one of the Daughters of Chaos. Tonight, she was a biker pass through. Tonight, she was looking for a simple hook-up – one that would ultimately lead to the mer’s death.

Accessing the crowd, she decided there wasn’t anyone she couldn’t handle.

Her eyes wandered back to the mer shooting pool. Human. She could handle any human.

“Two tequila shots.” She put a hundred-dollar bill on the bar. “Keep them coming until there is only eighty-five left. And keep the rest for yourself.” She let a slight hum tinge her words so the bartender wouldn’t question her request.

A wide goofy smile greeted her as he poured the tequila. Human men were so easy to manipulate how her sisters found them attractive she had no idea. She picked up the glasses and put her best ‘you-want-me-to-take-you-to-a-lab-and-torture-you’ smile. Who was she kidding?  If this enforcer was all rumors made him out to be, she’d be lucky to be alive to greet the sun in the morning.

A gray cotton shirt strained at the seams to contain his biceps.

He guided the pool stick with an ease that underplayed the power behind the shot. The balls raced across the green felt. Yup, a badass.

“What kind of shot did you buy me?” He asked without looking at her.

A cocky badass. Typical mer.

“What makes think I’m the sharing type?”

He looked at her for the first time. His swirling aqua eyes dancing with humor.  Nothing about him reflected human, he was hundred percent mer. A strong nose and jawline, paired with lips made for kissing, no wonder women lined the wall watching him and now glaring at her.

Moving around the pool table, he closed the space between them. Instead of his scent making her sick, electrical pulses of desire moved through her resting in her pussy.

He leaned in close. “I am the sharing type. So, what are you drinking?”

Shit. The only thing she wanted to do was take him to the hotel and screw him. This was bad, so bad. She needed to sing. She needed to get him under her spell now. She needed to knock him out.

Instead, she moaned, “Tequila.”


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