Why are we here – #MFRWHooks

Hello and welcome to this week’s….


This week I’m hooking from my upcoming space opera (I’m going to have a free read with two of the minor characters in March)

theimposter-lshillard (1)

Earth was invaded in 2587.  What followed was a war which united all countries in a common goal to defeat the invaders and save their homes. For over a hundred years the war lasted, until all the resources on Earth were depleted.  Then the nightmare began….

 The crew of the Jolly Roger, does it best to stay off the grid, unless it means they can steal something the Neuf – the ruling fraction – really wants or needs.

They take a simple job. A grab and run. But it turns out to be far more landing them in direct fire of the Neuf.

In order to survive, they must find out who the Neuf imposter is. But once they do, will they be able to kill him or her?

And this week’s hook…

Aries followed Colven deeper into the maze trying to avoid the puddles of oozing sludge.

“Look Johnny, we have rats.” A gravelly voice shouted from above. She could tell from the dialect the speaker wasn’t human.

Without a word, Colven spun and fired. An explosion vibrated through the air as her feet left the ground. Colven’s strong arm circled around her before she face planted in the mud. With a brush of his lips on her forehead, he stood her on the ground and disappeared in the rolling toxic smoke.

“Mother of a tick invested war whore,” a voice snarled. “Find them.”

Her stomach rolled and dropped to feet, her lungs shrunk as her heart frantically slammed against her ribs. She knew that voice. It haunted her nightmares. A smart girl would turn and run back to the ship. A smart girl would leave Colven. A smart girl would never find herself standing in a toxic dumpsite with the devil’s voice echoing around her in the first place.

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