Tuesday Tunes

Hello everyone!
This week’s Tuesday’s Tunes are brought to you by Charlie. This is one of his favorite songs.
I can’t even begin to say how many many many times, I’ve listen to this song. Anyway here is the blurb….
lastsong of the siren
She’s second in command of The Daughters of Chaos (a bike club of sirens). He’s Poseidon’s top enforcer. They are meant to be enemies. Instead they have a son. The Siren’s want to use his life blood to break Poseidon’s curse. The Mer want to kill him so the curse can’t be broken. It will take everything Tobia and Malcom have to keep their son safe.
Here is the snippet…
For the first time in Tobia’s life fear coursed through her veins. Her heart stuttered as her brain screamed in panic.
This was it. This was the day she’d die. Forcing air into her lungs, she drew her hook knives. Humming the siren’s death song, she ran to greet the mer who were going to kill her.
And here is the song…
Legends Never Die by Against The Current (We are big Troll Hunters fan so this is what he watches – repeatedly)
What song(s) are you listening to right now?

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