Motivational Monday – A new sexy hero

A new hero on deck…

I love creating characters. Like I said in last week’s post, I have entire file of characters hanging out waiting to be picked. This hero is for my Witch series (I’m currently planning on four books). I have the heroines already ‘developed’ (for a pantsers that is) but not the heroes. As I wrap up Cursed, I needed to set up for Hunted (book 2) so I needed a hero.

To my ‘bad ass’ male character file I go. This is daunting way to spend a morning – flipping through pictures of rugged handsome men 😉 Now I sort of have a foggy image of what Cain will look like. Where Zareb was sort of laid back, Cain is all alpha and will give Aryanna a run for her money from the first sentence.


It’s going to be hard spending a month with him – cough cough

As I’m drooling – oh wait I mean looking – at the pictures. I come across a couple for a character on a daytime soap opera (I have NO idea if he is still on the show — it was during my very young 20’s when I had a house full of kiddo that I watched the show so I’m talking serious years ago AND NO I still don’t watch daytime soap operas…now it’s the food channel).  Cain 2 This guy is everything I pictured Cain to be. I rarely use movie/TV stars because their roles often interfere with ‘my’ role for them but everything I remember about this guy is what I want Cain to be. Edgy, flirting on the dark side of the law, and sexy.

And because every bad ass alpha needs a bad ass ride I found this ‘little’ truck for him. So when Hunted comes up in my que, I’m ready :0)

Cain's Ride :)

Cain’s Ride 🙂

Where do the ideas come from????

I know some writers cringe at bad reviews or rejections. To me this is a reader or editor that prefers Snicker candy bars and I write peanut M&M’s.  So while I’m sad they don’t ‘love’ it, I know it is all part of the business and can move along.

My biggest fear is that all the plot bunnies will run and hide where I can’t find them! Just last week, I was presented with an opportunity to do a short novella for an anthology. I would have loved to be a part of it but… not ((1)) plot bunny hopped along. YIKES!!!!

Oh plot bunny... come out of hiding I need a story

Oh plot bunny… come out of hiding I need a story


So where do I go to find the plot bunnies? I have several ‘tricks’ I use to lure the shy little bunnies out. . I know some writers exercise to coax plot bunnies out – doesn’t work for me mainly because I HATE exercising so I’m focused on how soon will I be done. I have three ‘carrots’ that will usually lure a few plot bunnies out for me to play with.

(1)    Character file. This is a manila file folder where I store pictures I’ve ripped out of magazines or printed of the internet of ‘interesting’ looking people. I find if I take the file and sit somewhere quite several of the ‘characters’ will shout at me – “hey, I have a really cool story. Let’s tell it.”

(2)    I have several decks of tarot cards and an oracle deck. I select several cards at random and then I begin to write down what elements I want to include in a story.

(3)    Pictures of scenery. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I take a ton of pictures of places I’ve been. So if I can’t lure a plot bunny out with 1 or 2 then I shuffle through my pictures looking for a pivotal scene setting.

I have examples of how I use all 3 over on my ‘nice’ twin’s blog: if you want to see an example of how I use them.

I’d love to hear from fellow writers on you coax the plot bunnies out.

Motivation Monday

This weekend was CRAZY!!! I did two blog hops back to back here and then one on my ‘nice’ twin – young adult writer Tasarla Romaney – something I’ve never done so today is allllll about getting caught up on the loose ends of those.

First….drummmmmmm AND the winners are dddddddd….

From the Summer Lovin Blog hop –
Grand Prize – vampiremistress2010
Grapeapril75 won my Kick Start swag

From Ella Jade’s Birthday Bash blog hop –
Book Attict won the grand prize
Joy F won the Spike swag

Second… my son moved across the state and started his ‘I’m done with college job’ – woo hoooo.

Third… I needed to spend some time looking at the calls different publishers have out. I like to do my novella writing for specific calls. BECAUSE??? I need to start refining my writing que for 2014 (eyes roll back and breathing becomes labored as panic sits in). 2014 folks!!!!! Crazy. I found a couple of calls that do look interesting so this week I need to finalize what my que is going to look at. Now of course, there will be changes as different stories sell and don’t sell. And as different calls are released. But if I don’t have a ‘basic’ road to travel down, I write nothing. I just hop for plot bunny to plot bunny.

As a sneak peak to a new series that I’m working on that will include Kick Start… it’s about men and women who are involved extreme sports or life just takes them there 😀

Meet Hays…He ice climbs for fun and rescues stranded cross country skiers, those setting out to enjoy the winter wonderland on snow shoes, and of course, maybe just maybe a top-rated female snowboarder 😛

I'd let him rescue me...

I’d let him rescue me…

ice climbing

This is his idea of fun 0_o












What are some of the things you plan in advance for?

Writer’s Wednesday

Today I’m sort of self-promoting… bouncing ideas so to speak. I’m going to do a class – Settings, The unexpected twist. The focus of the class will be how to use settings in ways the reader will not expect. I plan on using a lot of pictures as prompts. This is currently the format I’m thinking of…

Here is what I think happens....

Here is what I think happens….

For example, fog usually means bad things are lurking. Or provides a standard setting for horror/paranormal/fantasy scenes.
But what IF it provides cover for two forbidden lovers?
…the hero brings the heroine here to propose marriage. He’s a CIA agent and needs to figure a couple of things about what’s going on with an investigations. Her mother is really ill so she has wanted to keep their relationship on the down low. The fog can be used as cover for a lot of things. The serial killer tracking the hero. The jealous sister who knows the minute the heroine gets married she’ll be left with caring for their mother fill time. Ect.
Or IF maybe the hero wanted for the fog to roll in to ask the heroine to the bridge because waiting on the other side is her birth mother. He leads over to the woman, the heroine has spent the last six years searching for.
The ‘homework’ assignment that would go with this lecture would be to pick one of the three pictures and come up with two ways the setting could be used in an unexpected way.
Now of course this is a ‘light’ version of course material but based on this snapshot ~ I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE thoughts on this set-up.
AND don’t forget tomorrow starts the…

Make sure to stop back

Make sure to stop back

Motivational Monday

I’m back… I wish I could say I just returned from vacationing on a white sandy beach with an incredibly good looking beach bum feeding me grapes and massaging my feet. BUT reality isn’t nearly as exciting (this is one of the reasons I write).

Usually for Motivational Monday, I post a picture of the hunky inspiration for my WIP hero however today, I’m talking about finding motivation in other places 😉

Saturday my family and I attended an art festival in a town about 80 miles away. The architecture is AMAZING. I took tons of pictures and developed tons of ideas, I’ll share some more tomorrow.

My current WIP is an urban fantasy. Zareb, my hero, works for the council as a ‘peace keeper’,

between the light and dark non-humans.

Zareb's protectors
Zareb’s protectors

The gargoyles on the building instantly struck me – first of all because they are not common in Northern Michigan. Second, because of their faces… instantly, I knew they stood guard over the building Zareb lives in. One is the dark and the other is the light. You’ll have to read the book to find out what role they play 😉

I’d love to hear about a building or a place that excited your Muse.

Writer Wednesday

Finding balance.

My latest release, Tide of Love, is a paranormal/suspense romance with an environmental subplot.   While I’m not to the far corner of the green movement, I do believe we need to start balancing things. Sort of like I need to balance my M&M and wine consummation with eating carrots and drinking water. Aislynn, my heroine in Tide of Love, takes this approach. She doesn’t say her friend’s woodlands can’t be developed but they should do so with nature in mind. Aislynn is a character of balance. She likes her sex edging into the dominance yet she’s a strong enough to face a down a serial killer.

I know authors (many who I enjoy so this is in NO way a slam) write heroines or heroes that are made of steel.  They live in a black and white world. I, however, live in a foggy gray world so most of characters tend to swing for bad ass to cuddly.  I’ve tried to write hard ass heroes with a in your face heroine and fell no plummeted into the abyss of horrible writing. I thought my critique partner was going to jump on a plane so she could slap me.  

 My current WIP another paranormal with some sharp left turns has a heroine who just doesn’t want to be the heroine. She wants to go home to her boyfriend and dog NOT battle demons; figure out why a 1,000 year ghost has kicked started her hormones into overdrive. It’s safe to say her bowl is an even mixture of carrots and M&M’s J

 I’d love to hear about some of your favorite heroines and where they fall on the kick ass scale.

Motivation Monday

February recap

While I didn’t make my over writing goals, it was a descent month for me:

    • Wrote, edited, and subbed short novella – Kick Start for an anthology call.
    • Finished my holiday suspense romance
    • Almost 1/3 of the way with young adult series
    • Finished line edits for naughty fairy tale
    • Blogged on a almost regular bases

Again the biggest area, I lacked in -again – is promo :”( Over all word count was only 400 less than my target. The short novella wasn’t planned so it threw off my individual word goal on my different planned pieces. I’m hoping to add the missing 8k to my young adult in March. We have several ½ days at the day job and spring break begins the first week of April. If I don’t then I’ll make permanent changes to my writing que.

Have your heard the saying if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a sheep… I’m hoping to be a lion all month. I have ‘big’ plans for March.

This is in one of the guys I get to hand out with my month :D

This is in one of the guys I get to hand out with my month 😀

My goals for the month of March ~

FINALLY - get to write his story :D :D

FINALLY – get to write his story 😀 😀

    • ~Make edits to naughty fairy tale and submit
    • ~plot cupid series (3 books) using the series bible worksheets and Rock your Plot (both new to me)
    • ~Start my ultimate fighter story~ word goal – 15k
    • ~work on young adult  ~ word goal – 30k



What are your goals for March?


Writer’s Wednesday

This will be the last Wednesday I highlight a writing prompt for 1,000 Character Writing Prompts, Villains, Heroes. I used the date formula to select this weeks prompt – 227 which is a prompt about character careers. She writes greeting cards.  The prompt gives the reason for her career as ‘her parents had major health problems when she was growing up and it had been almost a part of her nature to try her best to make them feel better.’ That I aspect didn’t tickle my muse BUT the ‘some of her cards had even been medically proven to increase healing’ did in a paranormal way.

What if she had some sort of magically powers that she used in her cards?

How would she decide who received her cards?

How could this element be used to make a heroine?

While she’s a feel good heroine, I struggled to see how she could be a strong main character. Once I moved her to a secondary character role, the plot bunnies hopped out from under the couch.

What if she decides to experiment with love cards and one them fall into the wrong hands? Her neighbor/friend, the heroine, is over using her computer and finds one of her ‘love’ cards. She reads it and falls in love with the first male she sees. The unaware male, the hero, is a high school science teacher/hockey coach. The heroine becomes obsessed with the hero.

My prompt character would then be faced with the challenge of making the heroine fall out of love with the hero but as time goes by the hero begins to fall for the heroine. So my ‘good’ witch finds herself sitting in a pot of boiling water… does she undo the magic and hurt the hero? Does she let the love blossom?

After playing around with this plot bunny and secondary character, I jotted down some notes and put it in my novella file. I think this is a short novella I would enjoy writing but I’ll give it a month to develop and see if legs grow.


I’m start sharing some plotting exercises from Rock Your Plot – A Simple System of Plotting your Novel by Cathy Yardley. I’m also taking an on-line class over the weekend about developing a series. I hoping to gain useful ‘tricks’ to apply to two three book series I have on my writing schedule for next week

Motivation Monday

 The characters from my motocross novella that was meant to be a simple 15k romance aren’t happy with that idea. Over the weekend a nasty fellow showed up and threw a suspense element into the plot. At first I tried to refuse but my muse fell in love with the guy. She reminded me that we write romance with a bang ~ regardless of word count. So let me introduce you to the newest character in Kick Start…

My goal is to ruin Dezmond and I always meet my goal...

My goal is to ruin Dezmond and I always meet my goal…

 He started off as a walk on character but my muse saw his true potential. While the deadline on the call is creeping near, I realize that this added twist is what the story needed to make it rock. So he’ll get to stay and I’ll drink more coffee as I pull some late night writing sessions.

It would have been easier to stick to my original story line, which was good but the suspense will go great with the high adrenalin world of motocross. Keeping everything within the 15k word limit will be the issue.

 My brother-in-law and nephew both race so this week’s motivation is to transport my reader into the world of motocross. To give them a seat at a race and have them tingle with the excitement The feel of a motocross is totally different than any other event I’ve attended. The crowd, the racers, the sponsors are all unique to this world – and believe me motocross is a world of it’s own.

 I’d love to hear about some of the favorite worlds you have been transported to.




Motivation Monday

Drum roll please… I’m starting on a new project. Not the ultimate fighter that I’ve been sharing the hot hero waiting for me, he’ll have to hang out a little longer. I’ve started on a steamy romance (no suspense – just relationship drama) about a motocross racer (hero – Dezmond Regan) and a stunt rider (Jada Elkins) called Kick Start.

My new WIP's hero and heroine

My new WIP’s hero and heroine

I hanging on to my positive ‘can-do’ attitude and added Kick Start to my writing que after seeing a call from Pink Petal Publishing (interested in their special calls? without taking anything off 😉 I’ve had the plot bunnies for this story in my head for soooo long they are grown into rabbits with grandkids but I put off writing it because I didn’t think I’d be able to place it (still don’t know if they will pick it up).

I have a four-day weekend (mid-winter break) starting this Friday. So I did ‘a lot’ (for a die hard pantser anyway) planning this weekend so if I hit my nightly goals with the weekend word count goals for Friday and Monday I should be okay 😉

Anyone else starting new projects?