Hey hey everyone…IMG_20190715_130028_358.jpg

How was everyone’s week? I was crazy busy!!! But I did do some fun stuff…

Went to a petting zoo with the grandson – you know a good is going to had when you have signs marking spitting zones…



Was part of a book release for … Chocolate Vanilla Swirl


I did a game of what is your favorite crime show, doughnut, and drink. Of the over 200 people that played NCIS was the favorite crime show with Criminal Minds a close second. Boston Cream doughnuts won by a land slide. And margarita’s were the drink of choice.

I have new shows to try – Live PD, Vera, Blindspot, and Mind Hunter.  New drinks to try (when I get to drink) first will be a Miami vice, then in no certain order – a whiteclaw, rhubarb sour, smith and Wesson, amaretto sour and amaretto sunrise, a red headed slut, and a June bug.

Maybe I can get my daughter to try one for Tasty and Thirsty Thursday, I’m going to make cloud bread as part of my Keto journey so I’ll have the report on that and a the Lemon-macadamia nut Cheesecake.

On the personal front – I’m still having planner peace issues but I’m hanging with the Hearthbeathing for my business and happy planner for my personal. I’m leaning heavily on trying either the Epic planner or the panda planner. Has anyone used one of these or are using one? I’d love to hear what you think/thought. My biggest hesitation on the panda planner is the binding. I really like spiral or disk.

And in my quest to become more organized I came across these two Instagram accounts… they are my new heroes…or will be after I’m done curling up in the corner whimpering.



Also, I’ve sort become obsessed with colored mascara. I’m loving the white, purple, and burgundy.

I signed up for Kindle Unlimited when they were offering the free 3 month trial. I down loaded my first book – It’s hard to Kindle read in the summer because I’m outside as much as my lungs will allow.  My goal is read all new to me authors – I mean NEW. Not referred or suggested  by totally new. I’m reading A Soul’s Sacrifice by Victoria Flynn. Hoping to have it done for Saturday reads.

So, what’s new with you?


Monday Mindset

It’s Monday ….

And I’m crabby. I mean the fact people are breathing is ticking me off. Why am I so unrealistically angry/crabby?

  1. The weather. It’s May 20th. I’m wearing a fisherman’s sweater and a flannel shirt – that’s to sit inside. I have to put on a jacket to go outside. Because it’s 35 degrees!!!!! No, I don’t live in the Antarctic with cute penguins. This is Michigan. If I’m going to be this cold, I want penguins and polar bears in my back yard (yes I know they live on opposite ends of the world but I need a reason to enjoy this weather)
  2. My personal life is all sorts of out of whack. I can’t find any kind of balance… with writing/Charlie/side hustle/new eating/sleep – the list goes on.
  3. I have person in my life that aren’t doing their part and that makes things harder because in this case I can’t just let the things fall.

I want doughnuts…I want vodka…I want PEACE.

While I can’t in a positive mindset eat doughnuts with a vodka chaser, I can find peace.

First, I need to get over the weather thing…. Being so cold means I can table unpacking spring/summer clothes for another week freeing me up for edits.

Second, I need to remind myself that balance is myth like a calorie free doughnut that is good for diabetics. I need to block my time so I have a ‘direct’ focus, so I don’t wallow. When I’ve blocked writing, write. When I’m loving Charlie, love my grandbaby. Get over the dieting thing. It’s life.

Third, and the hardest. This person is someone I have cared about, that I have tried to help, but in the end, it is destroying me and my grandson. So, I need to realize that the unicorns are really skunks and the storm clouds aren’t covering a rainbow.  And I know once I’ve closed this chapter the other two will become manageable.

Now just because I’m blogging about it and know what has to happen everything will be okay – it’s going to take a minute to end it. There are some legal things I need to do. I need to know it will get even uglier before it gets better. But I also know that peace will

never be mine until this is handled but I also know that slivers of peace will come with each step. Knowing that I’m evicting this soul sucking leech from our life.

On the happier side 🙂

I was gifted these markers – they are AMAZING!!!!













I received some great advance reader review for Taking A Risk –

taking a risk

Cover by Glowing Moon Designs Premade Covers

An amazing blend of suspense and sex – Carol

I loved it! – Denise

And I’m still on my quest for diabetic friendly scones that are yummy!


So how’s your week rolling out????

The Struggle is Real – Monday Mindset

It’s Monday… Time to turn on the motivation…Time to get my head in the game…

Which is going to difficult to day because my 7 year is puking…

So we are home…. My hubby is home… my adult daughter is home. That’s a lot of people in the house… a lot of distractions.

And I’m tired. I went into the wilderness this weekend and lived like Daniel Boone in a poorly built cabin without a fireplace.


cabin view

So I’ve gone from wilderness torture to edit nightmares!!! (Now remember I’m now doing these things doughnut, wine, and vodka free).

I have to turn in my final edits on….

To Know a Killer (1)

(ARC review) – To Know a Killer – spine tingling suspenseful romance WOW! Talk about suspenseful with twists and turns no one could predict!

And I need to get this formatted for my newsletter freebie…

taking a risk.png

AND I should write something new…I have about 15k left on this…

lastsong of the siren

So it’s not from the lack of work that my motivation is no where to be found…it’s just sometimes it be like that. I want to do it but the want isn’t actually moving me in that direction. I’m being pulled into conversations with hubby and daughter.

My 7-year-old has my name on a repeat loop.

I feel like if I do what needs to be done, I’m being neglectful, a bad wife, or a horrible mom. Yet these things need to get done. If I worked outside the home everyone wouldn’t follow me to work but they will invade my home office. I know part of is I haven’t been strict in setting up boundaries but in honesty part of the reason I want to work for home is the home part. I want to be here with my sick child, visit with my hubby and daughter – just NOT today.

Finally, after hours of lost time, I told everyone I needed time. I had deadlines. AND guess what??? They said okay. No looks of hate, no quivering lips, just okay.

So my mindset for this Monday is to remember that I need remember that sometimes the work needs to get done.

Have a great week!




Mindset Monday

Commit – my word for the year – 2019

Busy vs fruitful – my focus for the year – 2019.

This year has been rough! My shoulder is still painful (a combination of tendinitis and being frozen) has really thrown my mojo into another galaxy. So I’m really struggling not to throw in the towel. I know I still have most of the year but I still just want to sit and eat doughnuts basking in the muck of self-pity.

But I can’t afford new clothes nor the doughnut bill sooooo it’s forward march. So while a lot of what I planned on starting with the new year has remained undone (mainly my youtube channel), I have done some stuff.

I’m also doing card reading every Monday on my Tasarla blog so if you are interested in that just on over. I’m doing yes or no future questions this week.


I started a new story – here’s sneak peak at the heroine – Tobia.

Tobia’s left eye twitched. First Wren and now – she couldn’t even. She threw the hook knife in the general direction of where she knew Malcom hid. Why the fuck was he here? Well, it didn’t matter, he had to leave. She’d give him choice – alive or dead. And given her morning, the alive thing was being generous.

Malcom stepped into view. He leaned against the door frame.  His broad chest and shoulders pulled the cotton material of his dark blue shirt tight. A smirk curled the corners of his mouth. And what a mouth. Her nipples tightened at the memory of his kisses.

“Hi, Tobia. Good to see you.”

I tried a new planner (I know I know but seriously finding planner peace is like finding a calorie free doughnut). It’s My Brilliant Writing Planner. It’s an extensive planner. I plan on posting a youtube walk through, a review, and why it didn’t work for me later this week so I’ll have that link next week. This week’s spread is cute snowmen (it’s sooooo cold here) and the bossbabe sticker kit from Monsterstick Co  for my business planner.

Also my side hustle of self-care products is in full swing. We made coffee foot scrub and shower grenades last week. Soap is on the docket for this week. A February launch is still the target.


So what is on your mindset this Monday?


Mindset Monday

It’s December. How the heck did that happen??? Besides all the holiday stuff, I need to really nail down 2019.

I have a vision board to make.

A time capsule journal to set up.

Figure out my writing schedule.

My yearly budget.

Yikes! I need doughnuts… lots and lots of doughnuts.

And while I’m focusing on 2019 yet I need to stay planted in 2018.  I have set up 2019 personal journal. I’ve picked my focus word and personal growth goal.


I feel I have become very fragmented over the years so this year is all about connecting those pieces (last year was defining who I was and I do believe that I did. I have a much clearer picture of who I am. I just need to connect these roles. Find a balance of sorts. Now I have no false ideas that I will have an equal balance. Life or at least my life doesn’t work like that).

My word last year was complete. I’m the overlord of unfinish projects. I did do better which led me to this year’s word. Commit. Not only do I need to commit to projects but also for the roles I have claimed for me. I can’t waffle every other day on if I really want to run a Virtual Administrative Assistant business. I need to commit.

As part of my yearly budget I’m going to focus on minimalist life style (not I’m not going hard core – let’s be real. I need books. They are a part of me) for 2019. I did Dave Ramsey last year (I may do a recap… I’m on the fence for this). But as a kick-off I’m planning a no spend month for January and I’m reading…. 31 days of living well and spending zero by Ruch Soukup.  Guess what day 1 is all about? COMMIT.

So what am doing to end 2018 with a bang??? Edits for A Witch’s Curse, promo The Christmas Reunion and baking. I’m doing a blog post on Thursday about the secrets for the prefect cookie tray. I’m also doing Christmas crafts with my 7 year-old. Check out my Instagram Lyncee_shillard for overload cuteness.

I’d love to hear what you working on for the present and future…what’s your mindset?

Mindset Monday

I’m struggling to find a pair of my yoga pants that fit me… Because Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday.

It’s the first snowday of the year….and I have NO doughnuts… BUT I do have vodkak.

So the 7 year old has been home for a life because of Thanksgiving. But I still love the holiday…For several reasons:

  1. It’s a time to spend with your family and friends with no expectations – well besides there will be lots of food. No stressing if the gift will fit or will it be liked. Just food and in my case vodka.
  2. It’s a time that is focused on thankfulness and gratitude. Something that I think is often over looked in today’s world. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are is a lot of bad stuff going on. Stuff that breaks my heart, but I also know you need to remember the good.
  3. It’s a time to start looking ahead. What do I want 2019 to look like? I actually like this. I start thinking about my vision board. Determining my focus – personal, professional, and spiritually.


While it’s my favorite holiday, I know it begins a dark time for many. A time of loneness, a time of stress, a time of feeling unworthy, etc. I get all those feelings. Because while Thanksgiving is my favorite, Christmas is my least favorite. Always has been. No self-pity party but I have no good childhood memories of Christmas. As a young parent, I was always stressed about giving my children good memories of this holiday. Because you are suppose to love Christmas, right? If you don’t scary ghost are going to come and visit you or you will be a grinch of some sort.


Christmas has become less stressful for me, I still struggle. My Facebook feed is filled with friends enjoying Christmas movies, decorating, etc, and I’m not. And that’s okay. My daughter loves Christmas movies. She binge watches them for 3 months… And that’s okay. The biggest thing I’ve come to realize with Christmas is that I don’t need to love it to enjoy it. I can find things to enjoy … eggnog doughnuts and cranberry vodka martini’s… and let that be it.

So my mindset is to remember, I don’t have to watch Hallmark movies. I don’t have to decorate my house to look like Whoville.  But I can enjoy parts of the holiday – make it my own.

Mindset Monday

Today’s mindset is …. crazy time and chapstick.  I just came off a weekend of parties with 7 year old guest. It was beyond brutal! And we have 3 more parties before Halloween.

To this maddness I have decided to participate in NANOWRIMO (write a book in a month). And I have content edits for Witch’s Curse. And I have 2 book releases. So I’m really counting on the force of the doughnut to be with me…


I have set up my NaNoWriMo planning book. I’m a total pantser… I’m going to write To Trust a Demon. (I’m hoping it makes it into the 2019 publishing schedule). I’ll have a blog post and youtube video on how to set a NaNoWriMo notebook on Wednesday on Tasarla’s blog

So besides writing NaNoWriMo I’m kicking off my VA blog which will have a grandparent raising or co-raising their grandchild(ren) slant. I go live on Novemember 1 so I’ll have a link next Monday if anyone is interested. I’m talking about getting back into the groove of menu planning. I’m going to use the post as examples of my content skills.

I’m also launching my Journaling site November 1.  November will be focusing on the Tree of Life – your tree of life. Who are your roots? Who are your branchs? Who are your leaves? I’ll have the sign up link here on Thursday.

Because you know who needs to sleep???

I’ve waited for things to ‘settle’ down. To find my groove with the seven-year-old being in school. I’ve decided there is no groove and I’m loosing time trying to find it. So, I’m setting my own groove.  If I don’t try, I’ll never know.  I’ve waited a lot of years for things to settle down. For there to be a time for me to get my hustle going. No more, I’m hustling and everyone is going to have to just come along with me.


I told my seven-year-old that I was going to start a new dance and he would have to keep up. He asked me if we were dabbing or flossing! I love him so hard.

And now onto the second thing consuming my mindset…chapstick. And lotion. But mostly chapstick. Every fall, all the mositure leaves my lips and moves south. I swear!!!! It’s brutal. It’s not a one tube problem. I need a tube by my bed, in my purse, by my computer, in the kitchen, EVERYWHERE! And I need to replace them almost weekly. Right now my favor flavor is sugar cookie (it tastes like a doughnut). Am I the only  that has a favorite flavor?

Does the season change cause your body to go crazy?



Mindset Monday

This my mindset is Gremlins… you know that really old movie… with these guys…


I loved this movie. I had the stuffed gizmo when I was younger (I’ve moved many times and I’m not sure what happened to it).  Okay back to the focus of this post.

I sort of relate to the Gremlins. I mean I have a nice fuzzy side. This side crochets, writes young adult and tween books, and makes crafts with my 7 year old’s class. And eats carrots and drinks a lot of water.

Then someone spills a little vodka on me and WATCH OUT! I turn into this guy…


I write steamy suspense romance (with covers soooo hot that they are banned from Facebook –A Mermaid's Wish)

With some really out there serial killers. I make vodka magic in a glass. I make entire meals that feature vodka in every dish. I eat doughnuts – lots of doughnuts.  Basically, I become a wild woman!

Then my  7 year old comes in. And I become the nice fuzzy Gremlin.

Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming bouncing back and forth between the two. And I think about giving it up BUT then I remember I really like being both.

So do you have two or more sides?


Mindset Monday – Hard Calls

I started a new adventure last week. I so excited. It would open so many doors for my journaling workshop.  And I love the program.  A winner!!!!

They served doughnuts the first day and I was giddy with excitement. Then half way through the first day, I began to question if this was really for me. But I stayed and tried to keep an open mind.

By the end of the first day, I had serious doubts. I came home and thought about it. I went back Friday but decided it honestly wasn’t for me. It was a hard call.  When I called to let the facilitator know I was withdrawing from the program, she went on and on about what a strong leader I was. How I would relate to the participates, etc.

And while that was an ego boost, bottom line it wasn’t what I wanted. I had to thank her and say no.

It sucks making hard calls…it just does.

Another hard call I had to make this week was in my writing. Writing is not for the weak. It’s really really hard. There are a lot dark alleys you can get sucked down.  I decided to withdraw from an anthology. I created some hard feelings. But it was turning in directions I wasn’t comfortable in traveling…I’m sure they don’t have doughnuts in those places.

While I’m not trying to tell people what to write or how to write it. I just really felt that my writing wasn’t going to ‘fit’. I still wish them the best of luck and will feature the anthology comes out on my blog.

So after a week of hard calls, this week’s focus is trust the gut. It’s really important to be true yourself. Both things I had to make hard calls on were ‘good’ things…only not good things for ME. And it was my gut that told me that. Once the hard calls had been made peace settled over me. Then I could my doughnut and drink my vodka in happiness not stress.


So remember when you start doubting something take a minute and really ask yourself why. Is it because you are stepping outside your box and growing – that’s good. Or because it just doesn’t feel right for other reasons. That’s not so good.

I’m also still working on my ‘planner peace.’ So I added another insert – hahaha. I know I need serious help! Click the pictures for descriptions and links if available.

On to positive… I’m starting an youtube channel! I’m reviewing fine tip markers later today and I’m posting my review here.

The nice me has 2 young adult fantasy books coming out! Pretty crazy. And very exciting.

So overall, I’m rolling into this week smiling and waving a doughnut.


New releases, trying to find planner peace, and juggling the real side of writing.

Good Morning! Happy doughnut worry and be happy Monday.



This week’s doughnut was brought to be a local bakery that is responsible for my yoga pants being tooooo tight. I mean look at those ….

And I’m stress eating because once again I’m struggling with my planner. I know right…when does this get easier??? I’m beginning to believe that finding planner peace is like finding a calorie free doughnut…. Or an unicorn.

So what’s wrong with my planner…it’s cute…it has room to write – well some room. I had to move to a second planner for my social media stuff. So the Happy Planner is basically a writer’s planner. Which is fine but then I have a small planner for my day to day life. So that’s ((3)) planners!!! Yes I have mad math skills – I don’t want to be the multi planner girl. Just. Don’t.


I’ve played with trying to use my big Happy Planner for everything. But it get’s toooooo crowded. I over look things. All of which makes me eat more doughnuts. I’m thinking about getting a writing planner – a planner just for writers – and then using the big Happy planner for my day to day. And while the layout of the writer’s planner is different, I’m still not sure about the space….sigh… Now do you see why I have a plate of doughnuts????

The other major struggle that I need peace in is the admin side of writing. It’s crazy what a writer has to do besides write. It’s like if I wanted to cook dinner…1. Invent the recipe  2. Grow the ingredients 3. Prep the dish 4. Cook the dish 5. Do the dishes 6. Carry the dish to the table…


This is just my social media planner…for both writers and my VA business…it’s crazy. Don’t. Do. It.

People only see the finished product… I someone how have to find a balance…to become one with all the parts of writing. Or in famous words of Star Wars…

 “I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.” — Chirrut Îmwe

Now to the exciting part… I have a new release… a Halloween romance suspense… yup pretty awesome!

teaser 1.jpg

Come back tomorrow for the hook and cover reveal 🙂