Hey hey everyone!  Welcome to tasty and thirsty Thursday.  I know Monday I said I was going to make cloud bread for my Keto diet…it’s been in the 90’s with the humidity in the 90’s and high pollen…so unless it has air conditioning I haven’t been able to hang out. The only room with air conditioning in my house is the bedroom. And any cooking happening in there isn’t the kind that is appropriate for this blog post 😉


grilled tacos


Grilled Chicken & veggies


grilled pizza

But the hubby has been grilling up a storm so I thought I’d share some of grilling recipes.  We are grilling insane. We’ve grilled everything from pizza to cheese (grilled cheese is AMAZING). This week I’m going share one of my favorite meals. Grilled corn on the cob with buttery cilantro, grilled peaches, roasted tomatoes, and grilled beef roast.

The first thing you want to grill is the roast. I shred it and serve it on hoggie buns but you could eat it as is or I’ve done tacos with it. Really it’s just amazing and can be used in so many ways.

First – your beef needs to get drunk and dance 😊

2 ½ to 3 pound chuck eye roast (if you need more meat cut it down in large chunks.)

1 cup tequila

1 lime

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

2 to 3 jalapenos rough chopped (I leave the seeds in – but that’s a you call)

2 cups water

Mix all the ingredients in a large baggie. Add meat. Let hang out 24 hours.

Grill over medium coals for 30 to 40 minutes – depending on the thickness and your preference of doneness

Grilled corn

6 ears of corn – we grill them in husk so we soak them for 2 hours before grilling – remove the silk.

Place ears of corn to the side of the hot fire. Turning every 10 times. Remove and let rest in the husk for 5 minutes.


For cilantro butter –

2 tablespoons butter – softened

1 teaspoon grated lemon

1 tablespoon cilantro

Onion and garlic powder to taste.

Combine and spread on warm corn.

Roasted Tomatoes

4 beefsteak tomatoes

4 teaspoons cilantro

4 tablespoons shredded pepper jack cheese

4 teaspoons red pepper

Cut tomatoes in half and place “top side down” off to the side of the heat. Grill for 2 minutes.  Flip and top with 1 teaspoon cilantro, 1 tablespoon shredded pepper jack cheese, and sprinkle with the red pepper. Cook another minute or two until the cheese melts.


Grilled peaches are amazingly wonderful! They are great with ice cream, in a Bellini, or a salad.

2 tablespoons orange juice or orange liqueur – depending on the use 😉

1 tablespoons lemon juice

2 teaspoons oil

1 teaspoon honey

2 medium peaches halved with pit removed

Mix orange juice or liqueur, juice, oil, and honey together. Brush on the cut side of the peaches. Place fruit on cut sides over medium high heat. Turn after 2 to 3 minutes. Cook another 2 to 3 minutes.


Soooo the key to grilling a meal with multi dishes is timing…

First grill the meat and corn. While they are resting cook the tomatoes and peaches. We put the beef on about 10 to 15 minutes before the corn. Don’t lift the cover until you are ready to add the corn. Turn the meat and arrange on the corn. Cook 7 to 10 minutes without lifting the lid.



You eat what?!?! #MFRWHook

logo book hooks

“Welcome welcome to the MFRWHooks!!! I’m Paul and I’ve prepared a special meal – just for you. I so love company but rarely get any. Please take a seat and enjoy what maybe your last (evil smile and low chuckle). At least try an appetizer, while you read. I insist. I know most don’t care for my taste in food but try it. Now on with today hooks. You know I really like Tanzia. I think we could have been that special couple. Oh well, I drift away from today purpose. The hook…”

“I’m so glad you came.” Paul opened the door wide. He flashed a smile of prefect white teeth. Almost too white. Teeth you might expect to see in a shark. Tanzia paused. Every warning bell in her body rang.

It was just nerves, she told herself. And to be expected since it had been over a year since she had gone any type of a date.

“I have made a special meal just for you.”

Tanzia stepped inside. Nothing about the inside of the house settled her nerves.  Instead of stereo type messy bachelor pad or the minimalist  feel of a professional, it was as if she had stepped into the living room of her ninety-year old aunt. An overstuffed busy orange floral couch with two swivel rockers in a dusty orange consumed the space.

“Come, I have appetizers.” A strong hand pressed against the small of her back guiding her.

“I so love to entertain. But because of my schedule I rarely can.”

Tanzia stopped at the sight of the table. Her stomach rolled as tears instantly flooded her eyes.

“No,” she whispered.

“Thanks for reading. I do hope you will buy the book and find out what happens next. I do enjoy entertaining.”

This week’s book hook was brought to you by Paul…who may or may not be a serial killer 😉 It’s my current WIP – What’s In the Pie?

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She’s a Badass Woman #MFRW

Welcome to this weeks…mfrw-book-hooks400

So DeLaney is sort of a bad ass…

She’s a pirate…a witch with a Siberian Tiger for a familiar…and a she’s on a mission….but this week’s hook finds her in a little trouble

This week’s hook

DeLaney curled over as pain flowed through her body. She bit back the screams, her blood boiled in her veins. Her lungs twisted into tight balls refusing to allow air in them. Breakfast lunged out of her stomach and landed at her feet.

Esmeralda snarled, pacing.  Her claws digging into the deck.

DeLaney stumbled  but refused to fall. Tears of acid burned her cheeks.  Esmeralda brushed against her, offering comfort and additional power.

The tiger’s body rumbled with a hiss as the world started to fade into the swirling fingers of a dense fog.

“Who dares to summon me?” a voice rasped around her. Not a heavy booming sound but words spoken softly that surround her and stabbed her with their sharp ends.

Her body rose off the ground and twisted.



DeLaney Black Heart is the captain of The Gypsy Princess, the most feared pirate ship on the Cannequ seas, until recently. Her long standing enemy, Falken Sands, is making good on his threat to ruin her. She is in desperate need of a large bounty to soothe her crew and reclaim her title.

Raven Kinsley is a treasure hunter. He offers DeLaney the chance to redeem herself. Only their history is stopping DeLaney from jumping on the offer. Raven abandoned her a year earlier and disappeared.

Left with no other choice, DeLaney agrees to Raven’s commission. They begin their journey to claim the lost treasure of Midas, but soon trouble surrounds them. Raven and DeLaney combine forces to battle gryphons, the possessed Falken Sands, and other creatures.

DeLaney tries to convince herself what she feels for Raven is born out of battle, not love. Raven knows he loves DeLaney, but until an old enemy is beaten, he can’t make his claim on her heart.

As secrets are revealed, they realize this is more than a mere treasure hunt. It’s a battle for their lives.

Available at Amazon: Treasure Hunt 

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It’s a Easter Hop

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easter hop.jpg

I hope you are having a great time and getting a lot of goodies. So let’s talk Easter goodies…

What is your favorite Easter candy? Mine is red jelly beans

And my favorite Easter drink is jelly bean infused vodka 😉


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Welcome!!!! Have a doughnut 🙂

This week is from A Mermaid’s Wish… I’ve posted from this book a couple of times but ‘live’!!!!  Excuse me while I happy doughnut dance around the room.

Just in case this your first time hooking… A Mermaid’s Wish has this amazing cover ~

A Mermaid's Wish



Aislynn gives up her position in Neptune’s court for the chance to experience human emotions. Especially passion.  Before her wish is fulfilled, she finds herself the target of a serial killer.



Aislynn’s role as a negotiator for Neptune’s court had taught her to divide and conquer. Scott wanted her to work up an entire professional pitch for saving Camille’s homeland and she needed to get Finley to fall in love with her. The computer hummed as Aislynn clicked her way from website to website.

For the campaign to save the land sprit’s homeland Aislynn knew she would need to prove how doing so would improve profits. While the movement to become more environmentally aware was gaining support, the bottom dollar still ruled. She outlined two of her strongest ideas and requested back-up material from several organizations.

Excitedly, she switched over to finding ways to make Finley fall in love with her. She read several articles describing love, how to know if a man loves you, and twenty foolproof ways to make a man fall helplessly in love with you.

And we all know that what we find on the internet is true and excellent advice 😉

A Mermaid’s Wish is available! Buy Link

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Dream On… Dream journals

This week we are starting a new type of journal and one of my favorites. A dream journal. Dreams are mysterious. Some are funny…some are scary…some are gross…but they always spark something inside us.


A dream journal is ideal for you if you want to see recurrent patterns in dreams, recall important aspects needing interpretation, or improve your dream recall more generally. Ultimately, it should be a fun exercise and one that helps you to make sense of your subconscious world

There are a number of theories about why we dream, but no one knows for sure which idea is right, or whether each is right to some degree.

A dream journal can be a memory-jogger and an incredible source of insight into your inner world. Or just fun. I use mine for a lot of different reasons…writing sparks, to understand something going in my life, and also to understand why I do some of the things I do (yeah sometimes there is no understanding that….hahaha)

To record every night requires some self-discipline but once you’re in the habit of keeping one, it’s likely to be one that stays…and it’s easier than exercise and almost as much fun as eating doughnuts.

Today I’m just going to encourage everyone to determine a few things before we actually start talking about dreams, recording them, and interpreting them.
Decide where you want to keep your dream journal. Some want it located next to their bed so they can journal when they wake up. Most of the time I record my dreams and possible interpretation while drinking my morning coffee. So I keep it with my coffee cup.
Next week we’ll look at some different dream journals, I’ve used over time. But determining the purpose of your dream journal will be key in deciding what type of journal will best meet your needs.

Remember there is no right or wrong journal… this is the one I’m currently using. If this doesn’t say creepy dream not sure what does 🙂

Welcome back…

2018… I’m not a big new years resolution sort of person. Actually, I’m a non-resolution type of person regardless of the date. BUT…I wanted to make some serious changes to my life. And a New year that starts with a super moon and ends with a moon eclipse is my kind of year.
Sooooooo, I put most of my shiny objects into a drawer, rounded up my turtles, and sobered my squirrels up.

I’m ready to take 2018 on full throttle…. Some of the changes took behind the scenes planning before I could take the big splash.
Like I always pick a word/theme. For 2018 the word/theme is COMPLETE….Complete my goals, complete writing projects, just complete things in general. Now for most of you this will seems like a weird focus. But I’m queen of the half started projects. As I tell people, the two things I completed on a timely bases is having my kids become adults….

I also make a vision board….I made two goals for the 5 areas of my life…

I have also started a GoodReads account (click here for my profile) to track my reading. I’ll make a 2018 reading list page later this month. But, this year reading focus is series. I’m starting at A and B in January. I don’t plan on reading an entire series in one months so I’m not sure how far I’ll make it in the alphabet. More on this later.

I’m also going to start blogging again….mindset Monday….journaling Wednesday…tasty/thirsty Thursday…Read it/Reading it Friday.

A preview of Thirst Thursday

A happy Grinch

These things are what makes a Grinch happy

A melted snowman

Tourist Tuesday

This week’s tourist Tuesday is keeping with the ‘spooky’ October feel… Nothing says creepy like fog. Add an old building and it’s a writer’s dream come true.


This is actually where I work for my crazy day job. 🙂 I’d love to hear what some of your spook factors are.

Tourist Tuesday

I love bridges… I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s the ‘crossing over’ thing. The mystery of what is on the other side. I mean I am a writer 😉 And I do view all places as possible body dumping sites.

Here are a few of my favorites.


Do you have ‘things’ that attract your interest for some unexplained reason? I’d love to hear.