Monday Mayhem oh I mean Monday Motivation…

What’s the saying about if you don’t keep moving you will grow moss? Well, I’ve been moving at breakneck speed. Sadly, it hasn’t been on the writing front  ☹ This has been an awful year for keeping life out of the driver’s seat of my bus.

But I’ve  wrestled by way back into the seat… And I have some plans on ways to keep control.

1st – I’m using Heartbreathings 3Q  –  a goal setting system just for writers. I spent some time enjoy the evening and going through the steps (this is a more than a one-night thing) but I honestly started the month with a solid plan and I rocked it!!!!


2nd – I’m doing a Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt – I’m on track. While I’m making adjustment to make the system work for me, I’m keeping pace with the daily pace. I’m planning on doing a monthly recap of my adventure – what work, what didn’t. The main difference is I’m NOT writing it as I do the daily exercises. I’m writing just on the story I was already working on. I’m using it as an intense plotting and plan on writing the story in August. It’s a romance suspense set in the professional video game playing world.

20190701_200247 (1).jpg

3rd – I’m part of 2 reader events this month – Christmas in July and Fun in the sun. Check them out all the great books and enter to win some amazing prizes.

Christmas in July Banner.jpg

While I’m only one week in, things are moving forward. I’ve had hiccups. My blood sugar rocketed pass Pluto – to the point my meter wouldn’t read it. So that whipped me out for 2 days.


So I’ve decided to plunge myself into the Keto diet. While I get most of my recipes from the internet, I do like to have a starting point so I picked up … Eat This Not That ! The first recipe that I’ll be show casing this Thursday on Tasty and Thirsty is Eggs baked in cream with prosciutto, parmesan and basil.

So as we’ve made it to the mid-year mark, have you made any changes?

It’s a Monday…

Today is a Monday – completely! After 10 days off from school because he was sick the 7 year-old return. WOO-Hoo!!! I don’t know who was more excited. But that meant – lunch had to be packed – take-home folder had to be found – everyone had to get dressed (we went from pj’s to lounge clothes back to pj’s). It was brutal!

I have edits waiting in my inbox for this… the cover is soooooo amazing, I hope I can a story to do it justice.

(ARC review) – To Know a Killer – spine tingling suspenseful romance
WOW! Talk about suspenseful with twists and turns no one could predict!


I need to write new words, because this needs book 2 done.


I also need to some serious revisions to my writing projections. My shoulder isn’t going to improve anytime soon. 😦 Major bummer. My card for the week is a positive one for this task. I’m offering free readings on my Tasarla blog. If you are interested, hop on over and drop me comment.

The Emperor – the main focus is organization and practical focus.


And because we are having a Monday all over the place, I decide to get paczki. Because paczki makes everything better.






We had crazy weather the last 3 days!







So how’s your day going?


Thirsty and Tasty Thursday

Ever have extra margarita mix and wonder what to do with it?


No drinks today… but I do love a margrita

Me either but I do have some awesome recipes using margarita mix. These recipes can be made using the mix with tequila or without. Depending on your crowd.

These are some of my favorite recipes for summer time. And they are great for a Cinco de Mayo party, or a pool party. I just made all of them to take up to a family pool party. Besides the pudding shots, I ruled 😊

First let’s talk cake.  For last Saturday’s cake, I used a strawberry cake  mix. I sliced a container of strawberries sprinkled with a little sugar and then added some margarita mix. I also added some of the mix to the whip cream. Yup, I was the dessert hero ;-P


Margarita Mix Cake

What you need:

1 box cake  (anything but white because of the egg white thing that you think will taste good with margarita mix)

Margarita Mix – Classic or flavored





Whip cream

More margarita mix


Let’s do this:

Make cake mix per instructions using the mix for the water. I prefer to bake mine in a bunt pan but a regular cake pan will work.

Bake as directed.

Taking it to the next level:

Slice, lightly mash whatever fruit you are using and add about 1/3 cup of the mix and the juice of 1 lime.

To amp up the overall flavor stir in about ½ of the mix to a container of whip cream.



Everyone wants to be healthy… so let’s make that taste oh so much better with margaritia

Margarita Fruit Dip

What you need:

8 oz cream cheese – at room temp

1 cup margarita mix


½ cup sugar

Fruit for dipping or a spoon for eating it with 😊

Let’s do it:

In a mixing bowl combine cream cheese, sugar, and mix until smooth. Squeeze the juice of lime into the dip and rind of one half. Mix and refrigerate for an hour.


I made my last batch of Margarita chicken in my instan-pot because I like being part of the cool kids club but you make in the oven or crock-pot. I’ve done it all three ways and it’s just as yummy either way.

Margarita Chicken

What you need:

3 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast

2 cups margarita mix (more if you are instan-pot or crock pot it…then it’s 3 cups)

1 sliced lime

1 sliced lemon

Sea salt (to your taste)

Let’s do this:

Place chicken in a shallow dish, season with sea salt. Pour margarita mix over chicken. Arrange lime and lemon over the pieces. Cook for about 45 minutes – depending on the size of your chicken pieces.

Dream Vs Goal


Dream vs Goal… what do you have?

Everyone has been told to ‘dream big.’ And heard the slogan…Dream big and go far.
Well, how does one get those dreams to grow legs? Get them to move from their spot on the couch…watching Living Below Zero (my new addiction)…and eating doughnuts? To give them confidence when they are too meek to hit the submit button.

Me and my dreams have listened to the motivational speakers. Read the books. Watch the YouTube channels. Bought the T-shirt and wore it out. Still my dreams remained firmly planted on the couch.
I set goals. With incentives. But still my dreams continued to gorge themselves on doughnuts and watch Living Below Zero. I’d cheer and say how great it was going to be…just press the submit button. All I heard was ‘not going to happen loser.’

I was such a failure. My dreams hated me. They were like a stubborn child refusing to pick up a toy.

Finally, this year I have discovered the way to get legs on my dreams. Now they are out working for their keep. (Granted, we still watch Living Below Zero).

I have 3 new book covers….

I have a request for a full…I’m saving more the 2 months of this year than all over last year….

My dreams are now goals…And that my mindset. Dreams are fluffy things with unicorns and dragons. (BTW, I’m starting dream journals this Wednesday)

My goals are what I’m focused on. I hope all your dreams develop wings and soar.

The ‘f’ words…

This week’s Mindset Monday is all about the ‘f’ words… Focus and Finish. I have issues with both of them. There are sooooo many shiny things…soooo many trails to be explored and who can’t jump down the rabbit hole?
These two words are so important so lacking in my life.

And while I will always have to explore the trails and peek into the rabbit holes, I also know if I’m going to get my VA business off the ground I need to restrict this. I need to…

If I want the writing career of my dreams, then I need to FINISH some of these books I have in my que.

For all you type A personalities none of this will make sense because you live those ‘f’ words easily. Since I’m a type ‘Y’ person- why is that squirrel in the tree? Why isn’t that doughnut in my stomach? Why is there a search for pink fuzzy socks being recommended for me? Most people are happy never knowing why but for those of us that struggle with the ‘f’ words, these and so many more ‘y’s cloud my day.
Time management is one of the 10 vision goals. This means replacing the ‘y’ words with ‘f’ words. How have I started to do this?

1. I set defined time blocks. Not I’ll write from 1 to 3. That is way to broad and way to much time for me. Now I write in my planner. 1 to 1:45 write on current WIP. 1:45 to 2 – find pics for blog post/wip or anything else I need. I give myself 15 minutes of ‘y’ time for every hour block. While all you ‘A’ people are WHAT!!!! Wasting 15 minutes. But my focus requires it.

2. There is no real trick for Finish besides willpower. I refuse to let myself start anything until the project I’m scheduled to work on is completed. I made a master writing list at the beginning of the year.
And when you Finish you get bright shiny covers like this….


It’s the Planner’s fault


I missed ((2))!!!! Webinars last week. This was the fault of my planner. If I had a different planner this would NEVER have happened…. I’m embarrassed to say this but I even went so far as to look at different planners.

Stay Calm. Eat a doughnut. Replace the ‘broken thing.’ This is my MO of sorts. If my balls start to fall it’s not because of ME (shock face) Oh no, it’s because of something else, like my planner.

First, I realized that I was inputting too much on my day to day sections. They were crowed and this led me to missing my webinars.

I still needed/wanted to keep track of my daily word count and pages edited. I set goals weekly and monthly so well as daily in these areas so I need to ‘see’ how I’m doing.

I also need a way to keep my VA business goals in front of me.

AND there are the day to day life things, like hair appointments, library w, and exercising that I want to keep attract of.

This is A LOT for the daily space in my current planner.  So I did what every Queen of Procrastination does… I jumped down the rabbit hole and spent two days looking at the all the amazing planners… watching countless YouTube videos…and joining Facebook planner groups… I came to the conclusion that my planner would work (heavy sigh as I climbed out of the rabbit hole). I just needed to shift HOW I WAS DOING IT…

This is a mindset I need to keep. I so often want a ‘new’ to replace whatever ‘thing’ is causing me  the problem is …

A new character outline because my characters aren’t behaving….

New outlining software because I’m not meeting my wordcount…

And the list goes on but as with my planner it is more often than not I just need to shift my mindset to get out of the rabbit hole and make this work so I can move forward.



On the actually planner pages I use for ‘life’. I have inserts for writing/editing goals, etc


I now use these note strips to track my writing and editing info

Mindset Monday

Go Me!!!!

One of the things I started this year is a “Go Me” board. While sitting goals is important and I think keeping those goals in front of me is a major key to my success, I also think I need to recognize the success that happen while I’m working towards those goals.

Often, I’m a ‘don’t celebrate until the glass is full kind of girl’. So unless I achieve the ‘big’ goal, I tend to shrug off the milestones along the while.

So I had a craft night….Charlie made a machine that turns rocks into doughnuts. He’s sill fine tuning it 😊


Charlie made me a machine that turns rocks into doughnuts…he’s still working out the details

Daughter made her vision board…











I had done that in December.  Here’s another peak…

I was so excited, I already had 2 things to put on it. My first cover and a positive email. Now everyday when I sit down to write or edit, I see my goals BUT also what I’ve accomplished.

20180113_204213 (1)

I’d love to hear what things motivate you and keep you motivated?

Welcome back…

2018… I’m not a big new years resolution sort of person. Actually, I’m a non-resolution type of person regardless of the date. BUT…I wanted to make some serious changes to my life. And a New year that starts with a super moon and ends with a moon eclipse is my kind of year.
Sooooooo, I put most of my shiny objects into a drawer, rounded up my turtles, and sobered my squirrels up.

I’m ready to take 2018 on full throttle…. Some of the changes took behind the scenes planning before I could take the big splash.
Like I always pick a word/theme. For 2018 the word/theme is COMPLETE….Complete my goals, complete writing projects, just complete things in general. Now for most of you this will seems like a weird focus. But I’m queen of the half started projects. As I tell people, the two things I completed on a timely bases is having my kids become adults….

I also make a vision board….I made two goals for the 5 areas of my life…

I have also started a GoodReads account (click here for my profile) to track my reading. I’ll make a 2018 reading list page later this month. But, this year reading focus is series. I’m starting at A and B in January. I don’t plan on reading an entire series in one months so I’m not sure how far I’ll make it in the alphabet. More on this later.

I’m also going to start blogging again….mindset Monday….journaling Wednesday…tasty/thirsty Thursday…Read it/Reading it Friday.

A preview of Thirst Thursday

A happy Grinch

These things are what makes a Grinch happy

A melted snowman

Sparkle On…

In Love

In Love

The one thing my paranormal, space opera, and suspense books have common is romance. My ‘slogan’ is romance with a bang. So I spend A LOT of my day focused on love. Planting the seed, caring for it, growing it, adding storms that beat it up BUT making sure once the sun comes out it will be stronger than before.
In real life I focus on love – A LOT too. This Saturday was my 33 rd wedding anniversary. In those years we have weathered our share of storms the difference – there wasn’t an author who has to have a happy-ever-after ending to make sure we came out stronger and more in love after wards. I trusted in our love and so far it hasn’t failed me.

In my crazy day job (which starts up in 7 days!!!! Where has the summer gone????), I need oceans of love. Working with emotional impaired and serve autistic kiddos is not for those who don’t have a direct connection to a love well. “Burn-out” in my field is rapid but yet year after year I manage to find the love to do the job. I made my hubby promise that when I became indifferent or jaded, he would step in and demand a career change because one thing these kiddos don’t need is another person without love.
The difference between my writing and the ‘real’ world love? I can’t control the elements – duh. But how are they the same? I can control me/characters. I can decide to look at the bad in the emotional impair kiddos or dig deep for the good. Finding the good is often like trying to see the stars during a massive 4th of July fireworks display. Yet, I always dig.

Love/compassion is a ‘sparkle’ everyone is capable of – in all situations.

Sparkler On…

Who doesn’t like sparklers? The flash of light spraying through the darkness. As I was setting my goals for July, I decided I’m going to be MORE POSITIVE than ever. I’m going to be SPARKLER. The last couple of weeks have been incredible negative on social media and everywhere.


All aboard

All aboard

Now, more than ever, we need people on social media who want to inspire, motivate, and promote positivity in ways that will encourage others to inspire, motivate, and promote positivity!

My sparkler challenges for July are:

Good things to happen

Good things to happen

Sparkle On Challenge 1:
Commit to only posting positive, motivating, and inspiring thoughts, pictures, and videos on social media. If you already do it, AMP IT UP!!! Work hard to find particularly positive pieces to motivate others.
Sparkle On Challenge 2:
Outside of social media, watch your words, your language, your heart when you are talking with others. It is okay to have an opinion. Just be positive. When you practice being positive, it becomes a habit. And it will help YOU become the best version of yourself.
Sparkle On Challenge 3:

Make it your goal to encourage ONE person every day. Perhaps you leave a comment on Facebook, write a note of encouragement and send it in the mail, maybe you go out of your way to compliment a stranger.
Sparkle On Challenge 4:SPARKLER DREAM
Dare to dream big dreams. If there is anything to the law of expectation then we are moving in the direction of our dreams, goals and expectations. Never quit when you experience a setback or frustration. Success could be just around the corner.

The world needs more kindness, more dreamers who peruse their dreams, and more SPARKLE. SPARKLE to motivate others to be better versions of themselves.

What are some ways you could sparkle this month?