Hump Day Hook



First, last weeks winner of the dry erase board and markers swag for Taking A Risk is Cathy Brockman.

This week’s hook is from my Boys of Summer – Spike… In this hook Rae is questioning her sanity…

“I’m going to the beer cooler,” Rae muttered to Tara as she walked pass the girl.
“The wells are full,” Tara said.
“I need to take inventory.” She snarled spinning on her heels and marching into the fridge room. What the hell was the matter with her? A three-way with Brody and Treyvon? Like that would happen, she and Brody been teenagers the last time they had sex and two minutes of foreplay pushed the envelope back then. Besides she’d never been in a three-way. Why would she fantasy about it now?

Ummm… why would she (wink wink)…

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Two hot guys, the beach, and summer... what more could a girl want???

Two hot guys, the beach, and summer… what more could a girl want???

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Sunday Six

We had our first ‘dusting’ of snow…so in rebellion I’m featuring six from my ‘sizzling’ summer novella – Spike

In the summer our local beach is flooded with volleyball players…

Setting the water on the sand, Rae looked to her left. Treyvon and Brody stood signing autographs and posing for pictures. They had changed into swim trunks and wore mirrored sunglasses.

She hadn’t talked to Brody since their meeting outside the trailer hours before. There really wasn’t anything left to say, except, oh since I’m swallowing all my pride here, would you bend me over this chair and fuck me? Rae thought her libido had kicked into overdrive earlier but seeing both men without shirts ignited fantasies that had her panting.


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