Mindset Monday

It’s been a big week and I have another coming up…
Last week was the release of book 2 of my young adult fantasy…. So shiny…so pretty… The Warrior Queen

Book 2

This week is the release of Behind the Mask…soo shiny…soo steamy


It’s so easy to get ‘caught-up’ in the release stuff that you …well I…don’t write.

I mean there are facebook take overs, there is Instagram, there is Amazon and GoodReads…the list goes on of the things that you need to do to promote your book.



And I don’t want to write. I just want to bask in the ‘I’ve-made-it-let-eat-my-calorie-free-doughnuts’ (I do think doughnuts are calorie free on release day). And after all the nerve/anxiety ‘stuff’, I’m not sure I want to submit another book.
So I need fit amped up promo stuff into my already overwhelming schedule. I need to look at my ‘goals’ and decide what is going to shift – for at least a few weeks – to allow the promo to step up.
There’s laundry. Clean clothes is that really a necessary thing? Yes. It’s one of my big things. Have to have clean clothes.
There’s grocery shopping. Yes we need to eat (the discovery of food prep has saved my butt so many times).
What usually takes the hit is housecleaning… I can live with a dust for a week.

When looking over your schedule what get’s cut to make room?

I started a new book last week… I know and here I didn’t want to write…It’s called Loyalty. It’s along the Urban fiction lines. Here is the elevator pitch…

It’s a question of Loyalty. Does Layla give it the man who she had loved since high school but the street has made into a stranger? Or does she give to the new man who holds her broken and damaged heart?
I also pitched 2…yes ((2)) VA jobs.

Monday Mindset

I hate the cold….hate it really hard. So I’m happy to give up an hour if it means I can wear sandals, not run my car for 30 minutes before leaving, not shoveling, and there is SUN!!! Michigan is very gray in the winter. With the warmer weather – has been in the 40’s – for the last several days, I’m breaking out the cotton candy pink fingernail polish, the always purple mascara, and planting seeds for herbs. While summer is my favorite season, spring is my second.
It’s filled with happy spring flowers….

Yummy foods….

Homemade Strawberry jam

And butterflies…

Career mindset –
I’m starting an instagram account. My eye is twitching just thinking about it. The focus of my inst gram will be my Thursday thirsty and tasty.
I need to have Dragon Queen (this will be under the nice me) done and in ready to submit format by the end of April.
I need Mistress of the Shifters (this is me…lots of steamy sex, suspense, and hot shifters) done and ready to submit by the end of this month.
To be honest the VA thing is just floating in the water sipping on a vodka martini. I’m hoping to move that to a more focus position this week.
Are there any season you look forward? And why?

The ‘f’ words…

This week’s Mindset Monday is all about the ‘f’ words… Focus and Finish. I have issues with both of them. There are sooooo many shiny things…soooo many trails to be explored and who can’t jump down the rabbit hole?
These two words are so important so lacking in my life.

And while I will always have to explore the trails and peek into the rabbit holes, I also know if I’m going to get my VA business off the ground I need to restrict this. I need to…

If I want the writing career of my dreams, then I need to FINISH some of these books I have in my que.

For all you type A personalities none of this will make sense because you live those ‘f’ words easily. Since I’m a type ‘Y’ person- why is that squirrel in the tree? Why isn’t that doughnut in my stomach? Why is there a search for pink fuzzy socks being recommended for me? Most people are happy never knowing why but for those of us that struggle with the ‘f’ words, these and so many more ‘y’s cloud my day.
Time management is one of the 10 vision goals. This means replacing the ‘y’ words with ‘f’ words. How have I started to do this?

1. I set defined time blocks. Not I’ll write from 1 to 3. That is way to broad and way to much time for me. Now I write in my planner. 1 to 1:45 write on current WIP. 1:45 to 2 – find pics for blog post/wip or anything else I need. I give myself 15 minutes of ‘y’ time for every hour block. While all you ‘A’ people are WHAT!!!! Wasting 15 minutes. But my focus requires it.

2. There is no real trick for Finish besides willpower. I refuse to let myself start anything until the project I’m scheduled to work on is completed. I made a master writing list at the beginning of the year.
And when you Finish you get bright shiny covers like this….


Mindset Monday

It’s February…

time for paczki’s(fat Tuesday)…  time for Chinese fireworks (Chinese New Years)…

time chocolate and wine (Valentine day)…and sadly, it’s time to reflect on January.
One month into 2018… I had set BIG goals for 2018. So I have BIG monthly goals. Overall the month was sort of a hit and miss.


My financial goal. This happen for several reasons but the main one being I wasn’t mentally ready to ‘cut’ the doughnuts out of my life. But I’ve done some deep personal cheerleading and I think I’m ready to make the leap. This month was scheduled as a ‘spending freeze’. My first response was well that will have to wait until March. I have paczki’s… I have Chinese… I have A LOT. But March is St. Patrick’s, my son’s birthday, and spring begins. I realized that there wasn’t such a thing as a good month NOT to spend money… hence the reason I need a ‘spending freeze.’
Exercising. I did go and walk to nowhere but not as frequently as my goal.
Virtual Assistant. Pretty much missed all of them.


Writing. I did content edits for The Hollow King. I did participate in a critique partner thing (still NO critique partner). I did do some writing but not even close to my word count goal. I didn’t sub my space opera. I didn’t get the edits done for my romance suspense. BUT I did put together some promo stuff and make these cards.
Reading. I started three series. Loved none of them ☹ Didn’t read a nonfiction book. I did make time to do more reading by adding it to morning routine schedule. I moved my nonfiction reading to this time and I’m more than ½ done. I’m also loving my first series book of February.

My pretty pretty new cover!

The cards I made for swag bags. Tasarla Romaney is my YA/sweet/fantasy pen name


Cutting diet coke and sugar – moving towards a whole foods eating life style. I’m actually drinking water. For me this is big… I still drink diet coke. But I’m staying within my 2 cans a day limit. I cut doughnuts out expect 2 times a week (they go with a daily ‘tradition’ and I haven’t found a replacement. But I had given myself to the end of the year to 100 percent there AND I hit my monthly goal.

Completed the Digital Marketing on-line class. AND passed 😊

And that’s my month…. For February, I adjusted my goals to include what was missed in January but I did NOT ‘lessen’ them. I need to keep pushing. If February doesn’t pan out any better for those goals that I totally missed in January, I’ll do some ‘rethinking.’

Did you set goals? If so how did your first month go?

Life… One step at a time

Mindset Monday.

It’s the last Monday of the month…time to review my goal steps. Hands down this has been my focused year ever. I understand we are only 29 days in but believe me this is the best I’ve ever down and even with that said it’s scary to look.

I need to see things in writing because I can swing both ways with ‘inner’ reflection. I can go from with “I’m rocking these goals – hard. And whoever has anything different to say better swerve” to “I suck. I never finish anything. I’m such a loser.”

I need to remember as I review my goals that instead of just asking why didn’t make the step and beating myself up, I need to take a moment and ask:

  1. Was the goal achievable? And I can’t answer, yes but I’m such a looser.
  2. Why do I want this goal? Is it something I truly crave/need? Not just a ‘trendy’ goal…
  3. If it something I want to achieve, what do I need to do to make sure I achieve it next month?
    1. Someone who will keep me motivated
    2. An accountability partner
    3. Better resources (And no not a new planner – see last week to understand)
  4. Is this goal more involved than I realized? So more time is honestly needed.

I also need to do my last book review and get February’s reading list up. But most of all I need to remember to keep the right mindset. That everything is done one step at a time… My life is changed one step at a time… my dreams are realized one step at a time…And doughnuts are eaten one bite at a time.


It’s the Planner’s fault


I missed ((2))!!!! Webinars last week. This was the fault of my planner. If I had a different planner this would NEVER have happened…. I’m embarrassed to say this but I even went so far as to look at different planners.

Stay Calm. Eat a doughnut. Replace the ‘broken thing.’ This is my MO of sorts. If my balls start to fall it’s not because of ME (shock face) Oh no, it’s because of something else, like my planner.

First, I realized that I was inputting too much on my day to day sections. They were crowed and this led me to missing my webinars.

I still needed/wanted to keep track of my daily word count and pages edited. I set goals weekly and monthly so well as daily in these areas so I need to ‘see’ how I’m doing.

I also need a way to keep my VA business goals in front of me.

AND there are the day to day life things, like hair appointments, library w, and exercising that I want to keep attract of.

This is A LOT for the daily space in my current planner.  So I did what every Queen of Procrastination does… I jumped down the rabbit hole and spent two days looking at the all the amazing planners… watching countless YouTube videos…and joining Facebook planner groups… I came to the conclusion that my planner would work (heavy sigh as I climbed out of the rabbit hole). I just needed to shift HOW I WAS DOING IT…

This is a mindset I need to keep. I so often want a ‘new’ to replace whatever ‘thing’ is causing me  the problem is …

A new character outline because my characters aren’t behaving….

New outlining software because I’m not meeting my wordcount…

And the list goes on but as with my planner it is more often than not I just need to shift my mindset to get out of the rabbit hole and make this work so I can move forward.



On the actually planner pages I use for ‘life’. I have inserts for writing/editing goals, etc


I now use these note strips to track my writing and editing info

Sparkle On…

My favorite time...

My favorite time…

This is my final week before returning to the crazy day job…. Where the heck did summer go????
Of course, I didn’t manage all the things on my to-do and goal lists but I did make a mark.
Words Written – 31k on full length space opera
9 k on a young adult fantasy
18k on a story I tabled, the characters just weren’t coming out of hiding
10 k on a free read
Editing – 12k on a submitted suspense/romance
15k on suspense/romance leaving 31k to wrangle through by August >,< most likely I won’t make this goal.

4 batches of crock-pot moonshine brewed (No I haven’t drank them all)

10 days spent enjoying the beach.

Attended one writing ‘thingy’ in Fort Wayne.

My husband switched jobs and this has greatly impacted our home life. I made some serious changes in several relationships in my life – removing toxic people you care about dearly is the pits.

Read 3 books on writing.

Read 15 books for pleasure.

Enjoyed countless glasses of wine and ice coffee on my porch 

That’s my summer… how is your stacking up?

Head Down Monday

I need to keep my head buried this week...

I need to keep my head buried this week…

Spent last week gliding and looking around so...

Spent last week gliding and looking around so…

Welcome to Black Monday…

Last week was a total bust as far as reaching ANY of my goals – writing, exercising, or financial. The crazy day job – sucked which in turn drains most of my energy so that has some to do with creating the black hole of last week. Writing was hindered because I spent the entire week trying to shift how I write into some of the molds I learned, heard, or read about at the conference. I’m giving it one more week, if I don’t see some word counts this week, it’s back to flying by the seat of my pants because at least I know I can get words out. I spent the entire day Sunday planning *body twitches as the mention of planning* this week’s writing.

As far as the lack of exercising, I’m not really sure what was going on there. I know some of it was just my ‘depression’ from not writing. And money wise, I just some really ‘great’ deals on items that we will use – ie toilet paper, paper towels, etc. – that we didn’t ‘need’ but the savings were too good to pass up.

Since nothing went as planned last week, I intended on sharing different things of the conference. One of the things I thought I’d share is the writing prompt from a journaling workshop by Christa Allen. She gave us a prompt…If I had Known… and we had to write for 10 minutes. This is what I came up with…

If I had known…

Motherhood was so complex

Loving a child could be so devastating

Dreams are a possibility

Diets can allow chocolate

Books are endless escapes

School was oh so important

That love means different things to different people

That once a I hate you is spoken it can’t be taken back

The seeds of doubt grow faster than those of self-confidence

It doesn’t matter what others think

The world isn’t so scary

The monsters will live in the closet until I evict them

Only I can dance with my demons

That it’s okay to wear boots in the summer

That my children wouldn’t grow-up to be serial killers if I didn’t make them pancakes/waffles/eggs every day for breakfast

That coffee rocks with coconut flavored creamer

That some people will judge you regardless of what I do

The path I took was the one I needed to

That saying I love you would be so difficult

That doughnuts solve more problems than vodka

If I had known these things…. I would have never cried.

I don’t journal – or I didn’t – but it is something I started last week. I’m also incorporating it into my writing of my space opera.

So how many of you journal? Is it just personal or do you do it as writing exercises or as part of your planning?

It’s a wrap – Friday

DSCN1266Well since I only have one day with my new ‘goals’ not much to wrap up but I did complete everything on yesterday’s list – woo hoo.

Over the weekend I plan on coming up with my January reading list. In 2013, I assigned each month a ‘theme’ and then read 5 books from that genre. Last year, I just chose from my favorite authors or covers that grabbed me. I ended up reading less and wasn’t pleased with my end results. So I’m back to assigning – this month is ‘new beginnings’ – yeah, I know extremely original :-p

On the home front, I need to do some serious decluttering this weekend in the downstairs closets. Also, one of my 2015 goals is to go back to a rotating menu system. The last time I used this I still had kiddos at home so I need to update them. This weekend, I’m going to make the first set of five weeks (all total I have 3 sets of 5 weeks groups).

And of course writing, I’m loving my new WIP so the words are flowing easily.
What do you have planned for the weekend?


What I spent February buried under…

The last full week of March. While it was a much better month than February on both a personal and professional level, I still had tons of crap to deal with from February. It was as if I spent February drowning in a sea of donuts, I had all the weight and sugar coma to deal with this month.

On the personal front, I’ve boarded the diet train…snuck off the diet train…boarded the diet train but then it was buried under an avalanche of Girl Scout cookies. Well, you get the idea but as of 6 am this morning, I was back on it.  And the weather as crept to the point that I can once again start taking Dog on the evil exercise program.

On the writing front, I made my writing goal 78% of the time. So while I’m still way behind on my year to date goals (because of the doughnut hole known as February), it was a step in the right direction.

I’m also planning on a big push this week. Did some ‘pre’-cooking this weekend and spent Sunday night getting my blogs ready.

I’m hoping to end the month on a high note. It has been a struggle to keep pushing myself after February, I was ready to stay submerged in the doughnuts. But thanks to my family and friends, I didn’t.

Hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the last week of the month (and if anyone sees Spring could you send her to Michigan? We need her here.)