Mindset Monday

Commit – my word for the year – 2019

Busy vs fruitful – my focus for the year – 2019.

This year has been rough! My shoulder is still painful (a combination of tendinitis and being frozen) has really thrown my mojo into another galaxy. So I’m really struggling not to throw in the towel. I know I still have most of the year but I still just want to sit and eat doughnuts basking in the muck of self-pity.

But I can’t afford new clothes nor the doughnut bill sooooo it’s forward march. So while a lot of what I planned on starting with the new year has remained undone (mainly my youtube channel), I have done some stuff.

I’m also doing card reading every Monday on my Tasarla blog so if you are interested in that just on over. I’m doing yes or no future questions this week.


I started a new story – here’s sneak peak at the heroine – Tobia.

Tobia’s left eye twitched. First Wren and now – she couldn’t even. She threw the hook knife in the general direction of where she knew Malcom hid. Why the fuck was he here? Well, it didn’t matter, he had to leave. She’d give him choice – alive or dead. And given her morning, the alive thing was being generous.

Malcom stepped into view. He leaned against the door frame.  His broad chest and shoulders pulled the cotton material of his dark blue shirt tight. A smirk curled the corners of his mouth. And what a mouth. Her nipples tightened at the memory of his kisses.

“Hi, Tobia. Good to see you.”

I tried a new planner (I know I know but seriously finding planner peace is like finding a calorie free doughnut). It’s My Brilliant Writing Planner. It’s an extensive planner. I plan on posting a youtube walk through, a review, and why it didn’t work for me later this week so I’ll have that link next week. This week’s spread is cute snowmen (it’s sooooo cold here) and the bossbabe sticker kit from Monsterstick Co  for my business planner.

Also my side hustle of self-care products is in full swing. We made coffee foot scrub and shower grenades last week. Soap is on the docket for this week. A February launch is still the target.


So what is on your mindset this Monday?


It’s the Planner’s fault


I missed ((2))!!!! Webinars last week. This was the fault of my planner. If I had a different planner this would NEVER have happened…. I’m embarrassed to say this but I even went so far as to look at different planners.

Stay Calm. Eat a doughnut. Replace the ‘broken thing.’ This is my MO of sorts. If my balls start to fall it’s not because of ME (shock face) Oh no, it’s because of something else, like my planner.

First, I realized that I was inputting too much on my day to day sections. They were crowed and this led me to missing my webinars.

I still needed/wanted to keep track of my daily word count and pages edited. I set goals weekly and monthly so well as daily in these areas so I need to ‘see’ how I’m doing.

I also need a way to keep my VA business goals in front of me.

AND there are the day to day life things, like hair appointments, library w, and exercising that I want to keep attract of.

This is A LOT for the daily space in my current planner.  So I did what every Queen of Procrastination does… I jumped down the rabbit hole and spent two days looking at the all the amazing planners… watching countless YouTube videos…and joining Facebook planner groups… I came to the conclusion that my planner would work (heavy sigh as I climbed out of the rabbit hole). I just needed to shift HOW I WAS DOING IT…

This is a mindset I need to keep. I so often want a ‘new’ to replace whatever ‘thing’ is causing me  the problem is …

A new character outline because my characters aren’t behaving….

New outlining software because I’m not meeting my wordcount…

And the list goes on but as with my planner it is more often than not I just need to shift my mindset to get out of the rabbit hole and make this work so I can move forward.



On the actually planner pages I use for ‘life’. I have inserts for writing/editing goals, etc


I now use these note strips to track my writing and editing info