Two for Tuesday

Today in celebration of my new release ~ Kick Start part of the Hot Rods Hot Bods anthology (check out co-author D.R. Slaten’s website ~ I’m going to share two things about Dezmond and Jada and what inspired me…

Dezmond ~ (Modeled loosely after my brother-in-law and nephew who both motocross race)
2 of his favorites
1) Movies – the original three Star Wars
Favorite Yoda quote ~ When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm? (Says this to his mechanic when his ribs are being examined)
2) Music – Sammy Hagar’s –Boy’s Night Out. As a side note he loves Sammy Hagar in general because of his customized Mustang and his Beach Bar Rum

– 2 things he likes the most about Jada
1) Her confidence on a bike. He loves to watch her perform stunts
2) Umm… everything about her body {after all it’s a HOT HOT romance :P}

Jada ~
– 2 of her favorites
1) Hockey – the Pittsburg Penguins.
2) Her favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo.

– 2 things she likes the most about Dez
1) His tattoo – It’s of a dragon. The tail and back claws on his back and it wraps around his shoulder so the head and front claws are on his chest.
2) The fact he respects her work and views her as an equal on a bike.

Some of the pictures I used as “inspiration”


Hunter & Jada
And that’s a sneak peak of Jada and Dez and what inspired Kick-Start. It’s available at…

Writer Wednesday

Finding balance.

My latest release, Tide of Love, is a paranormal/suspense romance with an environmental subplot.   While I’m not to the far corner of the green movement, I do believe we need to start balancing things. Sort of like I need to balance my M&M and wine consummation with eating carrots and drinking water. Aislynn, my heroine in Tide of Love, takes this approach. She doesn’t say her friend’s woodlands can’t be developed but they should do so with nature in mind. Aislynn is a character of balance. She likes her sex edging into the dominance yet she’s a strong enough to face a down a serial killer.

I know authors (many who I enjoy so this is in NO way a slam) write heroines or heroes that are made of steel.  They live in a black and white world. I, however, live in a foggy gray world so most of characters tend to swing for bad ass to cuddly.  I’ve tried to write hard ass heroes with a in your face heroine and fell no plummeted into the abyss of horrible writing. I thought my critique partner was going to jump on a plane so she could slap me.  

 My current WIP another paranormal with some sharp left turns has a heroine who just doesn’t want to be the heroine. She wants to go home to her boyfriend and dog NOT battle demons; figure out why a 1,000 year ghost has kicked started her hormones into overdrive. It’s safe to say her bowl is an even mixture of carrots and M&M’s J

 I’d love to hear about some of your favorite heroines and where they fall on the kick ass scale.

Writer’s Wednesday

This will be the last Wednesday I highlight a writing prompt for 1,000 Character Writing Prompts, Villains, Heroes. I used the date formula to select this weeks prompt – 227 which is a prompt about character careers. She writes greeting cards.  The prompt gives the reason for her career as ‘her parents had major health problems when she was growing up and it had been almost a part of her nature to try her best to make them feel better.’ That I aspect didn’t tickle my muse BUT the ‘some of her cards had even been medically proven to increase healing’ did in a paranormal way.

What if she had some sort of magically powers that she used in her cards?

How would she decide who received her cards?

How could this element be used to make a heroine?

While she’s a feel good heroine, I struggled to see how she could be a strong main character. Once I moved her to a secondary character role, the plot bunnies hopped out from under the couch.

What if she decides to experiment with love cards and one them fall into the wrong hands? Her neighbor/friend, the heroine, is over using her computer and finds one of her ‘love’ cards. She reads it and falls in love with the first male she sees. The unaware male, the hero, is a high school science teacher/hockey coach. The heroine becomes obsessed with the hero.

My prompt character would then be faced with the challenge of making the heroine fall out of love with the hero but as time goes by the hero begins to fall for the heroine. So my ‘good’ witch finds herself sitting in a pot of boiling water… does she undo the magic and hurt the hero? Does she let the love blossom?

After playing around with this plot bunny and secondary character, I jotted down some notes and put it in my novella file. I think this is a short novella I would enjoy writing but I’ll give it a month to develop and see if legs grow.


I’m start sharing some plotting exercises from Rock Your Plot – A Simple System of Plotting your Novel by Cathy Yardley. I’m also taking an on-line class over the weekend about developing a series. I hoping to gain useful ‘tricks’ to apply to two three book series I have on my writing schedule for next week

Writer’s Wednesday

I’m going to continued with 1000 Character Writing Prompts, Villains, heroes, and hams for scripts, stories, and more by Bryan Cohen for the month of February.

This weeks writing prompt – number 26 (I used the month and date to pick) – is developing a hero. Here’s the prompt in a nutshell ~ He’s a wanted thief BUT has a heart of silver which the heroine soon discovers. While he claims to want the buried treasure, she learns he really desires to see the boorish warlord pay for his crimes. So how did the heroine and hero team up? Why is he a thief?

He's considered an outlaw... there is a price on his head... aren't as they seem

He’s considered an outlaw… there is a price on his head… things aren’t as they seem

Where I had to really ponder last weeks, this weeks instantly had my mind whirling with possibilities. After I turned them over I decided this was my ‘favorite.’  This would be for a historical…

Jonathon is a wanted thief because he’s stealing back his family heirlooms that the warlord stole when he was six.  He’s not a Robin Hood where he gives away what he steals but he only takes what is rightfully his. Until he sees the heroine. Abbey is the latest in the warlord’s captured lovers there is something about her that pulls at him. He rescues her before the warlord can rape her. Being that it’s a historical, he can’t just say goodbye, he needs to find a save place for her. He’s torn between retrieving the last and most significant of his family heirlooms and leaving with Abbey. He also isn’t sure where to take her.

I’d love to hear your spin on this good hearted thief.

Sunday Six…

For the next couple of weeks I’m going to offer ‘six’ from my WIP a naughty – very naughty – fairy tale ~ Goldie and the Bear. It’s the retelling of Goldielocks and the Bears. This week is a gimpse at the inner struggle Hajav (the bear) faces.

The inspiration for the tree of promise - from my favorite park

The inspiration for the tree of promise – from my favorite park

             If Hajav made love to Goldie now, there would be no loop hole for him to crawl through to avoid the responsibilities of the mating. The tale of the guardian and the chosen made the young girls of his village giggle. But as adults all knew there was no such thing as a prefect love, one that result in the tree of promise forever generating dreams of love and hope. He knew their union would cast a dark shadow over the new age. The foul taint that coursed through him would mark her. 

            “I don’t think we should keep the tree of promise waiting,” he stated stepping back.

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Two for Tuesday

Every writer has what they view as a resource they couldn’t write without.  For some it’s a dictionary or a grammar reference, for others it’s a ‘craft’ book like Hero and Heroines Sixteen Master Archetypes by Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever, and Sue Vider (one of personal favorites).  While I find all these useful, the one resource I’d be lost without is my subscriptions to Cosmo and Budget Traveler.

This writer’s romance bible 🙂

Cosmo provides my muse with several different inspirations. Of course, there are the articles – like Late Night Sex and the quizzes which spark ideas for my ‘steamy’ love scenes. Recipes named Party in my Mouth (mentioned in Tide of Love) and drinks like Cowboy Killer (used Knock Knock). And the models in the ads become characters. I dress my characters from the fashions highlighted.

 The setting is key to a story. Many writers view it as a main character. I feel that it sets the tone of the story and I work not to fall into the stereo type setting.  Budget Traveler is a great magazine for developing locations – not just exotic but local. The little blurb about an ‘off the beaten path’ shoreline town grew into the setting for Tide of Love. I combine the shops of an Ozark village with the restaurants of downtown Dallas and the history of colonial settlement for the setting of my new suspense romance.  

If I can’t go physically go there, I can mentally and take my characters with me

 What are some of your favorite magazines?


Yummy Thursday…

Treyvon makes this for Rae and Brody after a ‘little hot summer fun’

Eggplant Marinara Flatbread from Spike part of the Boys of Summer Anthology

  • 4 tablespoons (about) olive oil, divided
  • 6 1/3- to 1/2-inch-thick eggplant rounds (3 to 4 inches in diameter; from 1 large)
  • 1 loaf ciabatta or pain rustique, cut horizontally in half, trimmed to 9-inch length
  • 1 1/4 cups purchased fresh marinara sauce
  • 2 ounces soft fresh goat cheese
  • 1/3 cup chopped fresh basil plus 6 whole leaves (for garnish)
  • 1 cup coarsely grated mozzarella cheese (about 4 ounces)

Preheat oven to 400°F. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Sprinkle eggplant with salt and pepper. Place in skillet. Cover. Cook until tender, turning, 10 minutes. Transfer to plate. Brush cut side of bottom half of bread with rest of oil. Cook in skillet, cut side down, until golden, 1 minute.

Place bread, cut side up, on baking sheet. Spread with 3/4 cup sauce. Crumble goat cheese over; sprinkle with chopped basil. Top with eggplant. Mound mozzarella on eggplant; spoon remaining sauce over.

Bake bread until topping is hot and crust is crisp, about 12 minutes. Cut into 6 pieces. Garnish with basil leaves

Now Available!!!

Two for Tuesday

Today’s Two For are in honor of the record breaking heat we’ve been having here…

Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale by Christine Warren (A novel of The Others)

This ‘tidbit’ made me smile…it came at the end of a ‘very steamy’ scene. I thought it was a wonderful ending. A lot of time I find the humor at the end of sex scenes flat and out of place. You’ve just been on a roller coaster of intense and to crack a joke…. But this I liked.

“He covered her like a duvet and generated more heat than an electric blanket without the pesky need to plug him in. Just call her an environmental crusader, cutting down on power consumption one bout of hot, sticky sex at a time.”

Bounty by Krystal Brookes from Dangerous Men: Dangerous Places

I liked the twist of this ‘first’ meeting (not actually their first but it is for this novella). It’s not often you find the hero dressing the heroine 😉

Gemma was struggling to get into the t-shirt as she could barely move her shoulder. Rob came over and took the light cotton shirt from her.

“Put your bad arm in first.” He showed her then helped her get the t-shirt over her head and her other arm into the garment. “Now that you feel respectable, get back into bed, and I’ll bring you some soup and bread.”


Sunday Six

This week’s six comes from my lastest WIP that I submitted last Friday – woo hoo.

My hero – a frustrated lawyer


Finley slammed his office door shut. Because of his celibate lifestyle what little charm he had with the women had disappeared.

The intercom light flashed announcing Lissa wanted to talk to him. Pressing the button with much more force than required, he barked, “What?”

“While it is clear someone stole your favorite cereal bowl this morning and I know how that can affect your day. As I tell my eight-year-old son, we must find a way to trudge on.  He has to go to first grade and you must be a lawyer.”

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Sunday Six

This Sunday Six is from Taking a Risk, part of the Dangerous Men/Dangerous Places. 

Sometimes in life you need to Take A Risk

During the last set of stretchs, she realized Nick hadn’t said anything in the long minutes it took her to complete the repetitions. She glanced over her shoulder and saw him sitting on the kayak staring at her. “Is there a problem?”

He jumped up and cleared his throat. “No, I’m just—”

“Checking out my ass,” she interjected before he could finish.


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