Monday Mindset

It’s Monday ….

And I’m crabby. I mean the fact people are breathing is ticking me off. Why am I so unrealistically angry/crabby?

  1. The weather. It’s May 20th. I’m wearing a fisherman’s sweater and a flannel shirt – that’s to sit inside. I have to put on a jacket to go outside. Because it’s 35 degrees!!!!! No, I don’t live in the Antarctic with cute penguins. This is Michigan. If I’m going to be this cold, I want penguins and polar bears in my back yard (yes I know they live on opposite ends of the world but I need a reason to enjoy this weather)
  2. My personal life is all sorts of out of whack. I can’t find any kind of balance… with writing/Charlie/side hustle/new eating/sleep – the list goes on.
  3. I have person in my life that aren’t doing their part and that makes things harder because in this case I can’t just let the things fall.

I want doughnuts…I want vodka…I want PEACE.

While I can’t in a positive mindset eat doughnuts with a vodka chaser, I can find peace.

First, I need to get over the weather thing…. Being so cold means I can table unpacking spring/summer clothes for another week freeing me up for edits.

Second, I need to remind myself that balance is myth like a calorie free doughnut that is good for diabetics. I need to block my time so I have a ‘direct’ focus, so I don’t wallow. When I’ve blocked writing, write. When I’m loving Charlie, love my grandbaby. Get over the dieting thing. It’s life.

Third, and the hardest. This person is someone I have cared about, that I have tried to help, but in the end, it is destroying me and my grandson. So, I need to realize that the unicorns are really skunks and the storm clouds aren’t covering a rainbow.  And I know once I’ve closed this chapter the other two will become manageable.

Now just because I’m blogging about it and know what has to happen everything will be okay – it’s going to take a minute to end it. There are some legal things I need to do. I need to know it will get even uglier before it gets better. But I also know that peace will

never be mine until this is handled but I also know that slivers of peace will come with each step. Knowing that I’m evicting this soul sucking leech from our life.

On the happier side 🙂

I was gifted these markers – they are AMAZING!!!!













I received some great advance reader review for Taking A Risk –

taking a risk

Cover by Glowing Moon Designs Premade Covers

An amazing blend of suspense and sex – Carol

I loved it! – Denise

And I’m still on my quest for diabetic friendly scones that are yummy!


So how’s your week rolling out????

Mindset Monday

It’s been awhile…again. I’ve been working through some stuff both personal and professionally. Trying to find the balance. Answers to life questions like is it okay to have doughnuts with a chocolate martini??? I’ve decided it is…

I love to write but it’s a hard business. One of my publishers closed. Major bummer. Luckily, they were very professional and returned rights with covers. But it still put a major hiccup in my business plan for the year and into 2019 (I had three books scheduled for 2019 with them.)

The life questions…

Do I submit to a new a publisher?

Do I venture into the land of self-pub? It’s expensive but my main hesitation is promo. I hate promo. And I have a very small circle to count on sales from there.

So, what did I do?

I started a new side hustle…that…requires I put myself way out there.  I have a passion for journaling…so I’ve decided to share that on a more focused bases. I’ve posted some random journaling things here. But last Wednesday, I did my first journaling seminar. It went really well…all positive feedback. I’m working on a website that I’ll share when it’s up and running.

My first journal workshop…

5674.jpegI’ve also decided that I’m going to self-publish everything that was scheduled and I’m not going to submit anything new to publishers. I currently have a request from Source for my cozy suspense romance but if that falls through I’m going self-pubbed with that too.

Cami Lashly runs a small town bed and breakfast that specializes in yoga and connecting with nature. Her one goal is to find the secret to crispy kale chips and a smoothie that does taste like dredged swamp water instead she stumbles across a dead body. She’s more than happy to leave the investigating to the local police until she becomes prime suspect #1.

Here’s a teaser…

Death In the Blackberry Patch

“I didn’t come for the cookies.” Samuel kicked at the ground and glanced around.

Oh sweet nature. Here it comes. He’s going to ask me out. I’m going to have to say no. I like Samuel. A lot. But I couldn’t go out with him. I had the retreat plan for. I needed to make kale conform and be crispy. I was far to busy to go out on a date.

Licking my lips, I turned to face him. Must say no, I mentally chanted as I stared up into his smoky gray eyes.

He smiled. A crooked thing that made a dimple in his left cheek and contained magical powers because my mental no became yes.

“I’m not sure how to ask you this,” he started and released my arm. He stepped back and pushed a hand through his thick wavy blond hair.

He was so cute. I wondered where he was going to take me on our date. There was that new Italian restaurant Brezlyn had told me about.

“Think about it before answering.”

I smiled. He was nervous that I was going to say no. I should say no but who was I kidding. It was going to be yes.

Grinning and nodding, I chewed my lip. Wait until Brezlyn and aunt Lydia heard this. Samuel asked me out. Who needed to be auction off like a side of beef?

“Will you keep the alpacas?”

Apparently, I did. My jaw dropped, and I sucked in a mouth full of air – including some kind of bug.

All this swings me back to my focus word for the year. Complete. I need to complete things regardless of the hiccups.

I also during my absence, I started a young reader horror series. The introduction novella is FREE and can be downloaded here.

The Case of the Humming Trees - Red Riding Hood PI, #1 ebook by Tasarla Romaney

Mindset Monday

It’s been a big week and I have another coming up…
Last week was the release of book 2 of my young adult fantasy…. So shiny…so pretty… The Warrior Queen

Book 2

This week is the release of Behind the Mask…soo shiny…soo steamy


It’s so easy to get ‘caught-up’ in the release stuff that you …well I…don’t write.

I mean there are facebook take overs, there is Instagram, there is Amazon and GoodReads…the list goes on of the things that you need to do to promote your book.



And I don’t want to write. I just want to bask in the ‘I’ve-made-it-let-eat-my-calorie-free-doughnuts’ (I do think doughnuts are calorie free on release day). And after all the nerve/anxiety ‘stuff’, I’m not sure I want to submit another book.
So I need fit amped up promo stuff into my already overwhelming schedule. I need to look at my ‘goals’ and decide what is going to shift – for at least a few weeks – to allow the promo to step up.
There’s laundry. Clean clothes is that really a necessary thing? Yes. It’s one of my big things. Have to have clean clothes.
There’s grocery shopping. Yes we need to eat (the discovery of food prep has saved my butt so many times).
What usually takes the hit is housecleaning… I can live with a dust for a week.

When looking over your schedule what get’s cut to make room?

I started a new book last week… I know and here I didn’t want to write…It’s called Loyalty. It’s along the Urban fiction lines. Here is the elevator pitch…

It’s a question of Loyalty. Does Layla give it the man who she had loved since high school but the street has made into a stranger? Or does she give to the new man who holds her broken and damaged heart?
I also pitched 2…yes ((2)) VA jobs.

Sparkle On…

In Love

In Love

The one thing my paranormal, space opera, and suspense books have common is romance. My ‘slogan’ is romance with a bang. So I spend A LOT of my day focused on love. Planting the seed, caring for it, growing it, adding storms that beat it up BUT making sure once the sun comes out it will be stronger than before.
In real life I focus on love – A LOT too. This Saturday was my 33 rd wedding anniversary. In those years we have weathered our share of storms the difference – there wasn’t an author who has to have a happy-ever-after ending to make sure we came out stronger and more in love after wards. I trusted in our love and so far it hasn’t failed me.

In my crazy day job (which starts up in 7 days!!!! Where has the summer gone????), I need oceans of love. Working with emotional impaired and serve autistic kiddos is not for those who don’t have a direct connection to a love well. “Burn-out” in my field is rapid but yet year after year I manage to find the love to do the job. I made my hubby promise that when I became indifferent or jaded, he would step in and demand a career change because one thing these kiddos don’t need is another person without love.
The difference between my writing and the ‘real’ world love? I can’t control the elements – duh. But how are they the same? I can control me/characters. I can decide to look at the bad in the emotional impair kiddos or dig deep for the good. Finding the good is often like trying to see the stars during a massive 4th of July fireworks display. Yet, I always dig.

Love/compassion is a ‘sparkle’ everyone is capable of – in all situations.

It’s Been Awhile…

Once again my blog has been neglected. :/ I wish I could say I have been consumed with the writing bug but sadly that isn’t the case. I’ve been writing BUT I also returned to the day job at the end of April. Even though I swore I wouldn’t let it consume all my time, I knew it would and it has.

I’ve mentioned oh say a thousand times or so that I suffer from shiny object disease. As such this leads to a neglected blog. I’m the first to admit there isn’t anything exciting over here. I don’t have a glam life – or a glam anything. Sooooo what do I blog about that makes it worth your time and mine? I’ve tried different scheduled themes and that seems to work okay but I feel trapped and bored as the writer and reader.

Which brings me to my next question why blog? It was suggested – highly suggested sort of like a parent telling me if I wanted to go to the prom, I needed to clean my room – by a publisher that I start as a way for readers to connect with me. I didn’t go to the prom and I’m struggling with blogging.

But I’m going to give it another shot. I need to install some ‘shiny’ objects to keep my interest and those of my readers. Sooooo stay tune and be prepared to be blinded 😉

shiny 2

Avoiding Ruts…

Wish my life ruts involved tropical beaches and tons of money...

Wish my life ruts involved tropical beaches and tons of money…

I can’t imagine there being anything in life that wouldn’t seem routine after a while. Now some I would think are better than others. For example, I would rather be in rut of writing on my porch in 80 degree days than huddled around my laptop for warmth because it’s 1 below without the wind chill.

While in each story I write, the characters are different and their stories vary, it’s still writing. I’m still going to have to cruise the internet looking for pics of a hot hero…

He's the hero in my current WIP

Believe it not… sometimes I just don’t ‘feel’ like looking for hot nearly nude guys ;P


Yes this person needs to die but how???

I can’t use another bloody knife…

Decide how I’m going to kill people (real life seems to provide me enough annoying people that I don’t need to search for victims)…

While I LOVE writing hot sexy suspense romance as I’ve said before sometimes it’s harder to do than my no-longer day job.  I don’t have impatient students, administrators, or co-workers to make sure I keep plugging forward when I sink into a deep rut. I know several writers go to local coffee shops because the change of scenery helps them but for me it just gives me different shiny objects to stare at.  Sprinting (writing a set amount of words in a certain time) does help me but sadly I haven’t anyone in the same time sphere as me so this is a hit-and-miss rut buster. So far I haven’t found anything but pure will-power to climb out of this rut.

While this works for me, I think most would view it as a problem

While this works for me, I think most would view it as a problem

Another area of my life that I often find myself trending mud in is answering the age old question ‘what is for dinner?’  Now for this one I do have rope that I can throw to haul myself out of the bog. Years ago I started a menu system where I made about ten weeks of favorite dishes. Because I have the attention span of an underdeveloped two-year-old, I don’t follow them as I intended but when I realize that I’m making spaghetti for the fourth time in two weeks (spaghetti is my favorite go-to dish) and can’t think of anything else, I dig out the menus. Sure enough there at least six or seven dishes I haven’t make in several months. Wham… I’m out of the rut and my hubby doesn’t have to eat spaghetti again.

So what are some of your rut busters?

Motivation Monday –

It’s Monday and the last day of the month/year so it’s recap time.  It’s easy to look back and see the failures, missed opportunities, and the things I’d love to redo but in truth 2012 was a good year. It was a roller coaster, it was a scrambler. I flew one edge back to other – repeatedly. 

The ride that best describes my life...

The ride that best describes my life…


I lost my job at the goat rodeo so I ‘tried’ to move to full time writer only to be reinstated at the goat rodeo. 

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with a fatal disease and passed away three months later.  

And of course, there was the constant battling of the laundry monster, the taming of the dust rabbits, and other things everyone has to deal with.


Find something in every year that shines and hold onto those memories and forget the rest

Find something in every year that shines and hold onto those memories and forget the rest

The shining moments in 2012 ~

I published seven different stories. Three full length and four novellas. 

I lost thirty pounds of my target seventy-five.

Not bad when factoring in I had to plan lion tamer to real life most days.



Looking ahead….2013

One of the areas I’ve failed at is promo – I hate promotional stuff…all of it.  I love giving away wine glasses but other than it sucks.  So in 2013 I need to focus on that. One of those is this blog…I need to be faithful in posting. 

I’m starting a ‘writing’ method or a queue of what is to be written when. I’ve finally given up the ghost and admitted following the shiny object may not be the most effective way to write. With my job at the goat rodeo, it was pointless to make a schedule because I couldn’t follow it even if I wanted to…. Students/staff/parents always came in during a non-scheduled time – hahaha.  More about this on Writer’s Wednesday…

Personally – to continue my weight war. I plan on completing the battle this year and then going into ruthless dictator mode.

What are some of the things that shined in 2012?? What are some of the things you’re looking forward to in 2013??