Listifylife Monday

What Talents I wish I had….

Overall I’m comfortable in my skin so I found this listifylife challenge just that a challenge. Now if I had done this as a teen, watch out… in my ‘negative teen’ reflection, I could NOTHING. I mean I thought it was amazing I could breath.

However, I did come up with a short list of talents I wish I had…

This one the top of my list and a true wish…

#1) The talent to eat doughnuts and ice cream without gaining weight.  This would be so AMAZING. I have co-worker at the crazy day job who eats ALL DAY!!!! And never gains an ounce. AND she’s my age. It’s really amazing I haven’t throat punched her.

#2) Music. I lack any musical ability. Honestly, it’s a struggle to turn a radio on. I like to be able to sing, play an instrument, hum… pretty much anything musical.

#3) To be able to sleep past 5 am. I’m not sure if this is a talent or not but whatever allows this I lack it.

#4) To be able to ignore shiny objects…oh look glitter nail polish, wow there is a squirrel in the tree, I wonder what he’s doing.

What are some talents you wish you had?



Favorite Summer Time Movies

I’m extremely lucky in that I have unique venues to watch movies in the summer…the beach (yes, EVERYTHING can be done at the beach and it is better) and the drive-in (I really do watch the movie…).

The beach movies are oldies but goodies. While most of the movies they play change every year, they bring back one of favorites – The Goonies.


The Drive-in has all new releases —- I watched the Suicide Squad, Tarzan, Ghost Busters, Captain America, and a few others while sitting in my car eating pizza, drinking vodka slushies (went with friends one of whom lost at rock/paper/scissors to be the dd), and enjoying time with my friends.

Summer is actually when I see the most movies and partly because of the drive-in and the beach. In the winter every minute is accounted for… my crazy day job is 50 hours, then battling the laundry dragon, evicting dust rabbits, cooking, and my writing. Not much time for movies.

My favorite movies so far this summer (in random order):

  1. Finding Dory
  2. The Legend of Tarzan
  3. Star Trek
  4. Suicide Squad
  5. Jason Bourne
  6. Top Gun (this was one of the oldies shown at the beach…but it was still good)
  7. Ice Age – Collision Course
  8. The Princess Bride (Another beach movie)

Listifylife Monday

This week’s listifylife is favorite beach reads. I know most people like to read fiction/romance/fantasy or something along those lines at the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good steamy romance suspense to read while basking in the sun in total relaxation mode but I also use the summer to read non-fiction. During the ‘school’ season (my life has two seasons – school and non-school/summer), all my brain cells are consumed by the crazy day job and my writing, I don’t do non-fiction justice. This is the reason my beach reads include non-fiction…
If you follow my blog you know I’m reading my way through the alphabet this year so each month I select 8 to 10 books from authors whose last name start with these letters. This month I’m reading authors whose last name start with P,Q, and R. I’ll post that to read list later this week.

2016 Top 5 Beach Reads List
1. The Fallen Angel series by JR Ward (On the 4th book now…) I’m a little slow finding this series but it was my summer fav
2. The Aeronuat’s Windlass by Jim Butcher — wow – just wow.
3. Living Well on Less by – Ruth Soukup – As my golden years are rapidly approaching books with a financial spin have become much more interesting. She deals with determining the internal drive of purchasing unneeded wants.
4. The Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts
5. Fire Heaven Trilogy by Russell Kirkpatrick
6. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
7. The Hollows (first 3 books) by Angela Kulig
8. How to beat your procrastination – by William Harris
9. Illusion Town by Jayne Castle
10. Joyelyn Glei’s 3 book series – on time management and allowing creativity to bloom in a non-creative work place.

What were some of your favorite beach reads this year? I still have two weeks left before I have to go back to the crazy day job.

Monday’s Listifylife

This week’s listifylife are things I do to relax….

Anything that involves the beach is relaxing for me… reading at beach…writing at the beach…sitting at the beach.


Make Time to sail away from life

Reading anywhere is relaxing. I usually have at least two books going sometimes three. One book that stays in my bedroom for nighttime, early morning, or ‘asthma’ reading. (Our bedroom is the only room with AC so when the humidity rockets, I’m like a little kid and get sent to my bedroom until I can breathe). The other travels with me in my purse. During the ‘warm’ months of cold Michigan, I have one on the porch.

Crocheting and needle point/cross stitching. I try to do 1 and 1/2 baby blankets a month. One blanket a month is donated to Project Linus and a blanket every other month to our church’s baby ministry.



Cooking – I include my drink ‘inventions’ that I feature on Thirsty Thursday under this.


My black moon martini







Journaling- I use journals for many different things. It’s a place of reflection, a place for venting, and a place of dreaming. I follow the ‘no’ rules of journaling. I have read tons of books on journal trying to figure out the ‘key.’ How do I make journaling work for me? I have some really ugly journals…but about two years ago, I figured how to journal for ME and since then it has been very relaxing. A companion to journaling is my day planner. I ‘decorate’ the week every Sunday night. It’s a great way for me to shift from my ‘all writer’ mindset to my ‘crazy day job’ mindset.


Favorite Shopping Places

This week’s Listify Life for summer is my favorite places to shop. First, I’m not a big shopper. I’m not one of those people who enjoy wandering aimless around a store waiting for something to catch my eye. I know this is a shocker! With my shiny object disorder, you would think this would be an excellent activity for me. Bouncing from shiny object to object. But not so much.

I do however have a few stores that I can spend close to loitering amounts of time in. My top three for don’t enter unless I can be MIA for at least two hours are…

Kickin’ Kitchen – is a locally owned one of a kind kitchen store. There are rows of seasoning. Fun kitchen gadgets like this guy. Gourmet foods. The list goes on it’s just the place a foodie like me loves.

The local Barnes and Nobles. Not a lot more to say here but stacks and stacks of shiny books.

Dollar General. This is my favorite ‘dollar’ store that isn’t really a ‘dollar’ store. They have cute journals I like to use for my writing projects. They have things for my office at the crazy day job and writing office. They have good prices on some food items. It’s a place I’m bound to lose at least an hour in once I enter.

My next favorite place to shop, isn’t so much a time drain as it is a money drain.

Bath and Body Works. There has been talk in my family that I maybe a lotion addict. I deny this whole heartedly. My two bottles a month habit just means I’m concern about skin not addicted (eye rolling). I also change scents for the seasons/holidays/I-like-it. Currently, my scent of choice is Love and Sun but I’ll be changing it after the fourth to something fruity.

Amazon – you just can’t beat their deals.

My last two favorite places to shop are also local shops….

Lakeside Emporium – a candy shop on steroids. They have nostalgic candy, fudge, homemade ice cream, homemade gummies, homemade seafoam, homemade turtles. This store is about 10 blocks from my house. If anyone needs proof, I do have some self-control. This store is it. I do NOT visit here daily or even weekly, although I would like to. I save this for ‘special’ treat moments.

HodgePodge Bakehouse
while Lakeside Emporium is proof of self-control, Hodge Podge Bakery is the contradiction to it. But they have things like this….
dount #1</>


dounut #2

So these are my favorite places to shop. What’s your list?

#Listifylife Monday

This week’s listifylife topic is … What do I splurge on/indulge in?

I really only have one that I consider a splurge item (drum roll because I know everyone is holding their breath in anticipation)…

#1 – books. I consider books a splurge item because I could easily get all my reading material from the library but also because it represents me time. Time I could be dusting, vacuuming, doing the laundry, or cleaning out a closet. My favorite two reading spots…

Other items that I indulge myself in or buy on a ‘whim’ (not in any order)

#2 – card making supplies – I have enough stickers and supplies to last a life time. Of course, I also use these supplies for writing boards, my daily planner, and scrapbook pages.


A card I made for a friend who loves butterflies. I included a package of seeds for a butterfly garden flowers

#3 – yarn. My goal is make a one baby blanket a month for the Linus Project.

stuff 002

This months blanket…

#4 – lotions/body wash. There is no doubt that a cheap bottle of lotion and body wash from Walmart will clean my body and moisturize it. I really really really (like almost to an addiction level) bath and body works.

#5 – candles – I have them for seasons, for holidays, for their name (Margaretville and blackberry martini for example). I have them in every room of them house.

So do you consider splurges and indulgences different? What are some of your favorites?

#Listifylife Monday

Top 3 books in my to-be-read pile…

As some of you may know I’m reading my way through the alphabet this year. May is authors whose last name begins with I,J,or K.

I’ve ‘stumbled’ upon 2 great series….

– A Black book 2.jpgLondon series by Caitlin Kittredge

– Fire of Heaven trilogy by Russell Kirkpatrick







So they are two of my top reads – Devil’s Business book 4 in Black London series and In the Earth Abides the Flame book 2 of the Five of Heaven trilogy.

I have 2 major ‘grow’ areas in my life… money/budgeting and exercise. Not a lot to read on exercise. Put the doughnut down and move. There done. However, there is an endless supply  on the money/budgeting side. Which is why my third book is 31 days of living well and spending zero by Ruth Soukup.

book 3.jpg

So what are you reading???


Music makes the world go around


The songs I never get tired of….

This week’s listifylife is songs I never get tired of. Music is a key element to my life.  Not because I can play anything besides Iheart Radio, but because I have it on all the time.  I’m also not a one type of music girl…which should come as no surprise for those who know me. My shiny object disorder wiggles its way into very area of my life.

At the crazy day job, I listen to Disney children’s channel or calming sounds (rain storms, waves, etc.), or Flo Rida, it all depends on the day and the level of craziness.

When I write, I usually create a playlist on youtube for the book. These are songs that remind me of the characters, the setting, or theme. I find that I can shift gears from the ‘real’ world of dust bunnies and laundry mountains to the one in my head of murder and hot sex much faster with a playlist.

I like hit nation when I’m evicting dust bunnies, mopping floors, and taking care of the laundry.

But if I had to make a top Lyncee list here it would be… (note: These are my favorite artist except Amy Winehouse and I basically love all their music.)

Born to Die by Lana Del Ray

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Lie to Me by Jonny Lang

You know I’m no Good by Amy Winehouse

Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepard

This is how a Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas

No matter the day, you must likely find these voices rocking my house or office.

Do you listen to a wide variety of music or do you have one style you stick with? What are your favorite songs?

Scents that conjure up memories

Here’s this week’s #listifylife – 10 scents that bring back memories. They aren’t in any ‘special’ order just as I thought of them. This was a fun list to do. It made me smile and really think – or stop to smell the roses (okay it’s late and I’m sleep deprived so my sense of humor is straying to the very corny).

Cinnamon rolls – grandma. My grandma use to make crazy good cinnamon rolls/cinnamon bread. To this day I haven’t eaten one as good. And it’s not just the smell of these that make me think of my grandma but every time I see one I smile.

Cherry pie – Aunt T. She had three cherry trees in her backyard. Which not only provided cherry pie, cherry cobbler, and cherry jam but a place to play and trees to climb. It was always a good time.

Sawdust – my dad. His second job was to clear trees.

Warm flannel – a cabin me & my husband went. One winter about ten years ago, my hubby and I went away for a weekend. Spent it relaxing in front of a fire wrapped in flannel blankets.

Camp fires – weekend’s camping with my kids.

Pizza – my first date with my husband.

Chocolate – My best friend. She ALWAYS has chocolate. She’s the best friend in the world.

Lilacs – playing in as a child. My grandma had this sprawling lilac bush that as kids we would drag out dolls, blankets, and other stuffed animals into and play for hours.

Pancakes – breakfast in bed. The first breakfast I ever had in bed was made by my son. He made me pancakes.

Doughnuts – life is good. And you know that NO list of mine would be complete without doughnuts. 🙂

Most of my smells are food. No surprise there for me. Food is a major player in my life. What are some of your key scent/memories? Are they mostly food?


Misspelled words….


The top five words I struggle with that are super easy…

Tomorrow (I always want to spell it Tommorrow –  you just can’t have too many double letters.)

Thursday (I truly feel that the r should come before the u.)

Surveillance – there are just too many vowels.

Penguin – the only bird I like – birds don’t blink so they creep me out but I like penguins and given the fact we had 3 inches of snow on April 10, I’m thinking I could have penguins playing in my backyard so it’s a shame I can’t spell penguin.

Foreign – the g… I keep forgetting where to put it…and ei or ie thing

So those are my top 5 misspelled words for #listifylife… but in truth I’m a horrible speller and rely on auto correct WAY.TOO. MUCH. And this can lead to problems of its own. I’m sure you’ve all read the funny post on autocorrect changing a word resulting in an entirely different meaning… here’s mine…

The PTO president was recruiting volunteers among the school staff for the school carnival. I volunteered for the ‘dick’ pond… Oh. My. This led to days of teasing. My coworkers felt they needed to help learn the difference between a duck and a dick. I received pictures of ducks and ‘dicks’. Someone sent be a rubber yellow ducky and a dick – each labeled. For weeks, I received these types of things, my co-workers can be oh so helpful.

I’d love to hear of any mishaps you’ve had with a typo or autocorrect