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I know last week I said I’d share something from my siren biker book but changed my mind but this week… I’m going to 🙂

The Last Song of the Siren

She’s second in command of The Daughters of Chaos (a bike club of sirens). He’s Poseidon’s top enforcer. They are meant to be enemies. Instead they have a son. The Siren’s want to use his life blood to break Poseidon’s curse. The Mer want to kill him so the curse can’t be broken. It will take everything Tobia and Malcom have to keep their son safe.

LastSong of the Siren.jpg

Cover – By the amazing Lia Davis https://liadavistd.wixsite.com/agdesign

“And that proves how stupid you are sister.” Tobia stepped closer to the woman and raised the knife, pressing it against the woman’s cheek. “I don’t need mother’s protection. She rules because I allow it. Just as you live because I permit it. Now leave and never seek my son again or my generosity will end.”

He stepped away from the window as the woman turned to go out the back. This wasn’t going to be easy. Clearly, Tobia hadn’t mellowed with motherhood.

“Are you going to hid in the shadows forever like the lying snake you are?”

He may have wondered who she was talking to if the hook knife hadn’t split the wood to the left of his head.

And that is this week’s hook 🙂 The Last Song of the Siren won’t be released until March but if this put you in the mood for  suspense with mers check-out my A Mermaid’s Wish.

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#MFRWhooks – A simple kiss…maybe

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I’m super super excited … I mean today is better than calorie free doughnuts – okay maybe not.

But I’m stillllll realllly excited. For this week’s hook, I’m feature my new release and do a cover reveal… and the cover is amazing! I want to thank Lea at Glowing Moon Designs for the amazing cover (here’s her link if you are in need of ANY cover art stuff – she’s amazing)

And now for the cover….

A Mermaid's Wish.jpg


Isn’t it sooooo purdy??? I loves it!!!!



So what story/hook belongs to this great cover????







Aislynn is a mermaid who has watched humans from afar for thousands of years.  A negotiator for Neptune, she wonders what it would be like to feel anything but especially passion the humans do when they have sex. Mermaids can’t feel emotions of any kind and hot sex is one of those experiences she wishes for.  When the opportunity to become a human – temporarily – presents itself, she takes it.

Finley McCormock is a hard-core, tough as nails divorce attorney who represents rich women leaving their husbands. He has no time to do pro-bono environmental work like his colleagues or to fall in love himself. Why bother? He knows how marriages end.  But, his new housekeeper, as odd as she is, gives him a hard on he has to take care of.  The good news is Aislynn seems more than happy to oblige. She is his sexual fantasy come true, from the mid-day office visit that includes a spanking session to the trip to Trinker’s Sex Toys. Aislynn is willing to try anything.

But, when Aislynn’s past catches up with her, Finley will have to decide if his attraction for Aislynn goes further than the surface of the water. Does he really want to get in deep with his mermaid?

kiss is kiss.png


“Huh.” Aislynn pulled back.  “I thought a kiss would spark more reaction than a bruise.” Disappointment filled her face causing her brows to knit together. “Maybe it’s you. Do woman usually feel emotions when they kiss you? Do kisses only work with certain males? Should we try it again?”

Finley drew in a shaky breath, too bad such a sexy woman and totally crazy. He knew of no law forbidding the kissing of a mentally instable person but on the humanity scale it was well below slimy. “Let me contact the police for you.”  He placed his hands on her shoulders and with regret pushed her back creating a space between them.

“Why?” She shook her head. “I have no need for your law enforcement. I’m not so dissatisfied with your kiss I wish to see you placed in jail.” Standing, she smiled. “Good bye. Thank you for sharing pain with me and an emotionless kiss.”

A Mermaids Wish7 (1)

A Mermaid’s Wish will be available August 21 but is available for pre-order NOW 🙂

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Sunday Six…

This week’s six is from my upcoming release Tide of Love from Pink Petal Publishing…..

First kisses…

Aislynn is a mermaid experiencing emotions for the very first time and her first kiss didn’t do so well….

Before Finley realized what she planned, her lips were covering his. Shocked, he remained motionless.
“Huh,” she muttered and pulled back, “I thought a kiss would spark more reaction than a bruise.” Disappointment filled her face, causing her brows to knit together. “Maybe it’s you. Do woman usually feel emotions when they kiss you?”

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