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“Welcome welcome to the MFRWHooks!!! I’m Paul and I’ve prepared a special meal – just for you. I so love company but rarely get any. Please take a seat and enjoy what maybe your last (evil smile and low chuckle). At least try an appetizer, while you read. I insist. I know most don’t care for my taste in food but try it. Now on with today hooks. You know I really like Tanzia. I think we could have been that special couple. Oh well, I drift away from today purpose. The hook…”

“I’m so glad you came.” Paul opened the door wide. He flashed a smile of prefect white teeth. Almost too white. Teeth you might expect to see in a shark. Tanzia paused. Every warning bell in her body rang.

It was just nerves, she told herself. And to be expected since it had been over a year since she had gone any type of a date.

“I have made a special meal just for you.”

Tanzia stepped inside. Nothing about the inside of the house settled her nerves.  Instead of stereo type messy bachelor pad or the minimalist  feel of a professional, it was as if she had stepped into the living room of her ninety-year old aunt. An overstuffed busy orange floral couch with two swivel rockers in a dusty orange consumed the space.

“Come, I have appetizers.” A strong hand pressed against the small of her back guiding her.

“I so love to entertain. But because of my schedule I rarely can.”

Tanzia stopped at the sight of the table. Her stomach rolled as tears instantly flooded her eyes.

“No,” she whispered.

“Thanks for reading. I do hope you will buy the book and find out what happens next. I do enjoy entertaining.”

This week’s book hook was brought to you by Paul…who may or may not be a serial killer 😉 It’s my current WIP – What’s In the Pie?

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#MFRWHooks What to do when you are bored??? #MFRWauthor

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Welcome to this week’s book hooks! It’s been awhile since I’ve hooked… life has been driving my bus like zombie racing for the last brain.

This week’s hook is from my June release… Mission: Stay Alive. It has this really yummy cover –

Mission-StayAlive-LowRes (1).jpgFive years ago, Aries had accepted a simple bounty jump. She knew where the thief was, she knew how to get him.

Easy money. Or so she thought until she actually met Colven. His charming smile. His wit. His great ass. She decided that maybe she’d wait to bring him.

In their five years together, danger was the norm. But this time it’s different. This time, Aries isn’t sure they have what it takes to survive the mission.

And what do you do when you are bored??? Aries blow’s things up – this week’s hook –

Aries ran down the path blowing up barrels. Some of it was to release the toxic fumes to slow Gunther’s men but most of the shooting was done in effort to expel some of the anger that burned through her body.

Their ship came into sight, she whirled around and looked for Colven. There was no sign of him. Shit. She’d ran too fast for him to keep up.

If she climbed aboard the ship and left his ass, it would deserve him right. After all he told her to leave. Several times.

Kicking the dirt, she started back down the path. Colven rounded the corner. Sweat making rivers in the dirt caking his face. Even from this distance, she could see his chest heaving. Her pulse barely elevated.

As she was turning, she spotted a drone closing in. Shit, things just kept getting better.

“You better hustle,” she shouted and lifted her laser cannon. The drone exploded in the air showering Colven in pieces of metal. Three more rose above the barrels.  Before she could shoot, red lasers pierced the air. She rolled avoiding the blast. The ground next to her erupting. She shot the drones and turned to Colven.

“Well, damn, I thought Gunther had his heart set on torturing me to death. I’m sort of disappointed that he would settle for just having me blown up.”

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A Female Pirate and A Siberian Tiger – #MFRWHooks

Welcome to another Book Hook 🙂 Last week it was mer and sirens (from my upcoming release – The Last Song of the Siren) this week it’s a female pirate and her ‘pet’ Siberian Tiger. So let’s get to…



DeLaney Black Heart is the captain of The Gypsy Princess, the most feared pirate ship on the Cannequ seas, until recently. Her long standing enemy, Falken Sands, is making good on his threat to ruin her. She is in desperate need of a large bounty to soothe her crew and reclaim her title.

Raven Kinsley is a treasure hunter. He offers DeLaney the chance to redeem herself. Only their history is stopping DeLaney from jumping on the offer. Raven abandoned her a year earlier and disappeared.

Left with no other choice, DeLaney agrees to Raven’s commission. They begin their journey to claim the lost treasure of Midas, but soon trouble surrounds them. Raven and DeLaney combine forces to battle gryphons, the possessed Falken Sands, and other creatures.

DeLaney tries to convince herself what she feels for Raven is born out of battle, not love. Raven knows he loves DeLaney, but until an old enemy is beaten, he can’t make his claim on her heart.

As secrets are revealed, they realize this is more than a mere treasure hunt. It’s a battle for their lives.


DeLaney stood on the bow of the Gypsy Princess. Esmeralda paced restlessly behind her.  “It will be okay,” she told the tiger. Esmeralda hissed in reply. She chose to ignore the cat’s warning. She’d navigated through Gryphon’s Skull before with no problem. 

But those times a dense blue fog hadn’t blanketed the day, blocking the sun making it as if it were midnight. The stench of corrupt magic filled the air.

Esmeralda deep growl sounded behind her as six razor sharp talons sliced through the fog.  She drew her magic as Esmeralda lunged through the air at an unseen threat. The fog swirled revealing at least twenty sets of glowing eyes. 

What waits in the fog for DeLaney and Esmeralda?  Read Treasure Hunt to find out 😉 Get it here

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#MFRWhooks- What’s lurking this Halloween??

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This week, I’m doing a cover reveal as well as the hook…I’m sooooo excited about the cover…I love it!!! A story is a like an author’s child and the cover is the really cute outfit you dress them in. In my case it’s the slightly sexy and dark outfit.

I’ll stop rambling…

Here’s a sneak before the hook…

teaser 1


Lila Maxwell is coaxed into attending All Treats, a Halloween speed dating event by her best friend. Instead of the soul mate promised one Halloween ghoul after another appears at her door until Cowboy Bill.
Jax Carlson has spent the last year focusing all of his attention on starting his own business. Hiring Lila Maxell over the Internet as his project manager was the final piece to his prefect plan. Set to open for business in three days, Jax plans on spending a couple of days on his boat relaxing. However, his friend Erik has a different idea – a speed dating Halloween party.
Jax has spent the night plotting the best revenge possible for Erik until Sally opens the door. The woman dressed in the pale lavender Harem costume ignites a fire that Jax thought was impossible without the aid of his formulated dating list.
After a night of mind blowing sex, Lila sneaks out before they exchange real names believing it was no more than a one-night stand.
Lila’s first day is full of surprises, the biggest being Cowboy Bill is actually her new boss, Jax Carlson. She thinks keeping her hormones in check while convincing Jax that love doesn’t follow a formula is complication enough until she learns the participants of the All Treats speed dating event are being killed.
AND NOW….the cover
Lyncee Shillard - front - 200 X 300.jpg
It’s it great???? Michelle at WLF Book Promotions did it.
AND the hook….

Walking into her bedroom, Lila froze mid-stride. On her bed was a knife coated with blood and small plastic number five. The glass slipped from her hand and fell to the floor, spraying her foot and leg with red wine.


It will be available for pre-order September 26th and live on October 16.

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#MFRWHooks – Raining Dragons

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This week’s hook is from book 1 – The Hollow King – my fantasy series. Book 3 – The Prince of Light will be released July 28!!!!

NOFTG AuthorBanner_Medium-25x4

Series Blurb:

Thought by most to be a simple child’s chant… A king of no kingdom Who walks among the living yet is void of all but breathe He will be known as the Hollow King and will yield the Spector. The Warrior Queen with compassion will fuel the Hope The one who walks on two legs but has the soul of an animal will guide the Spector’s magic. Together they will use the Spector of Hope to rid the land of evil. Until creatures most thought to be make-believe start to hunt at night… Freed by Ovezara, a sorceress of what seems to be unlimited power. Queen Taraly dying father’s command is to visit Grandmother June and learn what must be done to stop them. King Crenshaw has lost his kingdom to the Ovezara and vows to have revenge. Sancha returns from a hunting trip to find his father’s body torn to shreds by an evil so dark people refuse to acknowledge it. The three unite to find the fabled Spector of Hope. As their quest starts to unfold, they realize that the line between good and evil is often blurred. What they believed to good is twisted. Can they locate the Spector of Hope in time to restore good and save all from the evil Ovezara unleashes?

The Hollow King

Book 1


The night sky exploded in a rain fire as three dragons collided over head. Their snarls of anger so loud the ground quivered and buckled under his feet.
“When I said we could use some light this wasn’t what I was thinking. A couple stars. Maybe a sliver of moon.”
“Nothing is good enough for you.”
Crenshaw watched the larger dragon circle around. “We need cover unless you want to become a fried dragon snack.”

“Wasn’t on my plan for tonight,” Raith answered drawing his sword.

Crenshaw watched the glowing red eyes raced through the sky. The force of the wind created by their wings drove him to his knees.

A giant blast of flames lit the field as bright as mid-day. He gagged as the smell of sulfur stung his nose and burned his throat. Glancing over at Raith, he pointed to a grove of trees. His friend nodded as he tried to gain his balance.

High ear-splitting squawks rang out as a dragon tumbled out of the sky. The earth quaked and the grove of trees splintered as one of the great beast landed.

“Any idea on how not to get eaten?” he asked his friend.
Buy link:…/…/ref=sr_1_2…

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Happy Wednesday and welcome to my book hook! This week’s hook is from Behind the Mask a romance suspense that is part of the Office Seduction box set…

“How did you know what to order me?” Keegan asked.

Jolene shrugged. “I took a guess from what I learned during our encounter.”

Arching an eyebrow, he laughed. “This is should be interesting. I’ve never seen great sex translated into food.

behind the mask


Keegan Ames takes a pro-bono job helping a non-profit design a family nature reserve. A quick week of feel good work. Or so he thinks.

Jolene Rawmen’s dream is about to come true. A family nature reserve named after the foster mother who changed Jolene’s life and gave her hope as a child.

The masquerade ball is a fund raiser. Jolene goes hoping to secure the remaining donations needed for the reserve. As Cinderella, she finds Prince Charming. Who is anything but a story book prince. He opens a new world for Jolene. A world of amazing sex. A world Jolene isn’t prepared to delve in.

Besides coming to terms with the sex games Keegan has introduced her to, she must fight to save her dream, stop a serial killer, and try not to fall in love with Prince Charming.

The Office Seduction box set is available at Amazon…here’s the link…

Behind The Mask

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