It’s a Monday…

Today is a Monday – completely! After 10 days off from school because he was sick the 7 year-old return. WOO-Hoo!!! I don’t know who was more excited. But that meant – lunch had to be packed – take-home folder had to be found – everyone had to get dressed (we went from pj’s to lounge clothes back to pj’s). It was brutal!

I have edits waiting in my inbox for this… the cover is soooooo amazing, I hope I can a story to do it justice.

(ARC review) – To Know a Killer – spine tingling suspenseful romance
WOW! Talk about suspenseful with twists and turns no one could predict!


I need to write new words, because this needs book 2 done.


I also need to some serious revisions to my writing projections. My shoulder isn’t going to improve anytime soon. 😦 Major bummer. My card for the week is a positive one for this task. I’m offering free readings on my Tasarla blog. If you are interested, hop on over and drop me comment.

The Emperor – the main focus is organization and practical focus.


And because we are having a Monday all over the place, I decide to get paczki. Because paczki makes everything better.






We had crazy weather the last 3 days!







So how’s your day going?


Mindset Monday

It’s December. How the heck did that happen??? Besides all the holiday stuff, I need to really nail down 2019.

I have a vision board to make.

A time capsule journal to set up.

Figure out my writing schedule.

My yearly budget.

Yikes! I need doughnuts… lots and lots of doughnuts.

And while I’m focusing on 2019 yet I need to stay planted in 2018.  I have set up 2019 personal journal. I’ve picked my focus word and personal growth goal.


I feel I have become very fragmented over the years so this year is all about connecting those pieces (last year was defining who I was and I do believe that I did. I have a much clearer picture of who I am. I just need to connect these roles. Find a balance of sorts. Now I have no false ideas that I will have an equal balance. Life or at least my life doesn’t work like that).

My word last year was complete. I’m the overlord of unfinish projects. I did do better which led me to this year’s word. Commit. Not only do I need to commit to projects but also for the roles I have claimed for me. I can’t waffle every other day on if I really want to run a Virtual Administrative Assistant business. I need to commit.

As part of my yearly budget I’m going to focus on minimalist life style (not I’m not going hard core – let’s be real. I need books. They are a part of me) for 2019. I did Dave Ramsey last year (I may do a recap… I’m on the fence for this). But as a kick-off I’m planning a no spend month for January and I’m reading…. 31 days of living well and spending zero by Ruch Soukup.  Guess what day 1 is all about? COMMIT.

So what am doing to end 2018 with a bang??? Edits for A Witch’s Curse, promo The Christmas Reunion and baking. I’m doing a blog post on Thursday about the secrets for the prefect cookie tray. I’m also doing Christmas crafts with my 7 year-old. Check out my Instagram Lyncee_shillard for overload cuteness.

I’d love to hear what you working on for the present and future…what’s your mindset?

Monday Mindset

I hate the cold….hate it really hard. So I’m happy to give up an hour if it means I can wear sandals, not run my car for 30 minutes before leaving, not shoveling, and there is SUN!!! Michigan is very gray in the winter. With the warmer weather – has been in the 40’s – for the last several days, I’m breaking out the cotton candy pink fingernail polish, the always purple mascara, and planting seeds for herbs. While summer is my favorite season, spring is my second.
It’s filled with happy spring flowers….

Yummy foods….

Homemade Strawberry jam

And butterflies…

Career mindset –
I’m starting an instagram account. My eye is twitching just thinking about it. The focus of my inst gram will be my Thursday thirsty and tasty.
I need to have Dragon Queen (this will be under the nice me) done and in ready to submit format by the end of April.
I need Mistress of the Shifters (this is me…lots of steamy sex, suspense, and hot shifters) done and ready to submit by the end of this month.
To be honest the VA thing is just floating in the water sipping on a vodka martini. I’m hoping to move that to a more focus position this week.
Are there any season you look forward? And why?

The ‘f’ words…

This week’s Mindset Monday is all about the ‘f’ words… Focus and Finish. I have issues with both of them. There are sooooo many shiny things…soooo many trails to be explored and who can’t jump down the rabbit hole?
These two words are so important so lacking in my life.

And while I will always have to explore the trails and peek into the rabbit holes, I also know if I’m going to get my VA business off the ground I need to restrict this. I need to…

If I want the writing career of my dreams, then I need to FINISH some of these books I have in my que.

For all you type A personalities none of this will make sense because you live those ‘f’ words easily. Since I’m a type ‘Y’ person- why is that squirrel in the tree? Why isn’t that doughnut in my stomach? Why is there a search for pink fuzzy socks being recommended for me? Most people are happy never knowing why but for those of us that struggle with the ‘f’ words, these and so many more ‘y’s cloud my day.
Time management is one of the 10 vision goals. This means replacing the ‘y’ words with ‘f’ words. How have I started to do this?

1. I set defined time blocks. Not I’ll write from 1 to 3. That is way to broad and way to much time for me. Now I write in my planner. 1 to 1:45 write on current WIP. 1:45 to 2 – find pics for blog post/wip or anything else I need. I give myself 15 minutes of ‘y’ time for every hour block. While all you ‘A’ people are WHAT!!!! Wasting 15 minutes. But my focus requires it.

2. There is no real trick for Finish besides willpower. I refuse to let myself start anything until the project I’m scheduled to work on is completed. I made a master writing list at the beginning of the year.
And when you Finish you get bright shiny covers like this….